🌱 Port Jefferson residents vote on school budget + branch pickup

Hello everyone! I returned to your inbox this morning with your new edition of the Port Jefferson Journal. Let’s start this Tuesday with a quick guide to everything you need to know about what’s going on around town, including updates on:

  • Port Jefferson to Vote on district budget.
  • Mather Hospital Concerned about breast cancer moon.
  • fall Branch Pickup Schedule and more!

But first, today’s weather:

Full sun. High: 67, Low: 53.

Here are the top four stories from today in Port Jefferson:

  1. Port Jefferson residents will vote Dec. 12 on a $25 million proposal to fund school upgrades. While the improvement plan sounds promising, it has drawn attention from some residents over tax and environmental increases. (Newsday/Subscription required)
  2. Have you noticed that Port Jefferson has been looking pinker lately? Paint Port Pink is Mather Hospital’s annual breast cancer awareness campaign Aims to educate the community and unite to fight the disease. (TBR News Media)
  3. The Village of Port Jefferson announced that it will hold a board meeting on Monday, October 17 at Village Hall. The meeting is scheduled to start at 9 am (Port Jefferson patch)
  4. Don’t miss the Port Jefferson Fall Branch pickup service. Please note that if you miss the pickup day on your street, the next pickup will be in April.access schedule here. (Port Jefferson Village)
  5. There was a shooting on the candidate’s front porch on Sunday night. U.S. House of Representatives Richard Lizelding. According to the release, Zeldin’s twin daughters were at home when they heard gunfire outside the house and called 911. During the incident, Zeldin and his wife Diana attended the Columbus Day Parade in the Bronx. (repair)

Today in Port Jefferson:

  • Tuesday morning reading – Port Jefferson Free Library. (10 o’clock in the morning)
  • baby start – Port Jefferson Free Library. (10 o’clock in the morning)
  • Kids Time: Pumpkin Fun – Port Jefferson Free Library. (11am)
  • Citizenship Course (Week 2 of 4) – Port Jefferson Free Library. (6:30pm)
  • Craft Stick Haunted House – Port Jefferson Free Library. (7pm)

From my notebook:

  • Looking for a home in Port Jefferson? The patch lists the five newest homes available for purchase in the neighborhood. (repair)
  • Great news for Port Jefferson Free Library cardholders and movie lovers in the community, the library now offers free access to Kanopy. To watch up to 10 movies per day, visit portjefflibrary.kanopy.com. (Port Jefferson Free Library)
  • Port Jefferson School District’s “Little Wild Man Fishing Club” Growing in Popularity with Middle School Students. Keith Buehler was one of the 50 participants who took the 50 participants out to the bay to fish for abalone and bass and make friends. (press desk)

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Thanks for following and staying informed. See you tomorrow for another update!

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