🌱Sancun Farmers Market Family Day + 2022 Spiritual Journey Return

Hey neighbor. It’s Saturday in Three Villages and I’m back in your inbox to keep you updated on the most important things happening in our community, including news about:

  • The ticket office is 28th Annual Spirits Tour.
  • Emma Clark Library webinar focuses on plant-based nutrition.
  • Three Village Farmers Market will be held family fun day and more!

But first, today’s weather:

The sun is shining. High: 68, Low: 53.

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Here are the four stories of Sancun today:

  1. The Mimura Historical Society will host its 28th Annual Spiritual Tour on Saturday, October 22nd. Tickets for tours that will take participants to historical sites in Setauket are on sale. For more information, visit the Historical Society website here and book your tickets today. (TBR News Media)
  2. The Three Villages Farmers Market is hosting a Family Fun Day on October 28th. The community can enjoy over 25 vendors, pumpkin carving, spooky surprises, food and live music. welcome everybody. (TVHS)
  3. The Emma Clark Memorial Library will host a class on plant nutrition via zoom on Tuesday, October 18 at 7pmA dietitian will teach the benefits and nutritional value of the diet, and how it can help lower blood sugar, control blood pressure, and more. Register here. (Emma Clark Library)
  4. Ethan Ladd sentenced to 8 years in prison for shooting two men in downtown Port Jefferson. Rudd pleaded guilty to the incident in 2021. The brawl between Ethan and two other men reportedly started in Tommy Square on Main Street and was taken to a nearby parking lot where the shooting took place. (Port Jefferson patch)

Today in Mimura:

  • Felt dog toy – Emma Clark Memorial Library. (noon)
  • pet safety at home – Emma Clark Memorial Library. (10:30am)
  • Newfield Homecoming Parade – Newfield High School. (11am)
  • Hispanic Heritage Month Encanto – Stony Brook University. (3pm)

From my notebook:

  • The Three Villages Chamber of Commerce will host a Meet the Candidates Night at the Holiday Inn Express Hotel in Stony Brook. Save the date for October 19th at 11:30AM Registration for the event is required. Visit the Chamber of Commerce’s website to register. (Sancun Chamber of Commerce)
  • The Three Villages Historical Society has updated its exhibit and gift shop fall hours. News hours are Thursday, Saturday and Sunday noon-4pm, Friday 2pm-6pm (TVHS)
  • Stony Brook University: “Yesterday, Chancellor McGinnis delivered the State of the University 2022 speech to the SBU community, which included students, faculty, staff, local community members and elected representatives.” (via Facebook Stony Brook University)

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You are officially in the loop today. See you tomorrow for another update!

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