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Amazon Prime subscribers can rejoice because Prime Early Access Deals turn on October 11-12, Bringing new deals to a large number of products. For book lovers, any Prime Day event can be a great opportunity to find a series they love or desperately want to start reading. While individual books often feel too expensive these days, there are plenty of options for selling boxed sets, allowing readers to get the entire collection in one go. Many of these collections will appeal to sci-fi and fantasy fans who can find a good collection for any age group this holiday season.

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Books 1-4 and Books 5-8

List price: $39.96

Deal price: $16.49 (up to 59% off)

For fans of the six-season saga, Outlander, now is a great time to check out the book series that started it all! The series follows Claire Randall, who accidentally travels to 18th century Scotland. There, she enters a world full of adventure, danger and romance. This box set includes the first four books in the series, and fans can purchase 5-8 books here. One reviewer started with the TV series but fell in love with the books, explaining: “I love all the extra details that are crafted into the story that skips the TV series.  … Books like this make me slow for my own time Happy to work!”

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Isaac Asimov’s Foundation Series

Foundation; Foundation and Empire; Second Foundation

List price: $39.96

Deal price: $16.49 (up to 59% off)

Widely regarded as some of the earliest science fiction novels, Base The series follows mathematician Harry Seldon, who discovers a scientific way to predict the future. He sees the downfall of an empire that controls the entire galaxy, but implements a plan to ensure the recovery of a new society. This series is a must-read for anyone interested in how the sci-fi genre got its start, and it’s of great quality. One reviewer described their experience, saying: “I initially read Foundation in a mass-market format, and if I forget to put on my glasses, it has a font size problem. I appreciate the size and font size of the set.”

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Percy Jackson Demigod Collection

Fire Thief; Lost Hero; Hidden Oracle

List price: $19.99

Deal price: $8.11 (up to 41% off)

This early-2000s bestseller series has absolutely exploded, connecting with multiple other series from Rick Riordan, and even getting a Disney+ adaptation in 2024.The Demigod Collection includes the first book in each series, from percy jackson and the olympians before jumping to hero of olympus and Apollo’s Trial. This series is for any fan of the series who wants to relive the magic, or any young reader who is looking for a book to make them fall in love with reading. As one reviewer put it, “Love all three series, what a great way to start three great series!”

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MaddAddam Trilogy

Oryx & Crake; The Year of the Flood; The Crazy

List price: $50.86

Deal price: $27.38 (up to 54% off)

Margaret Atwood’s series looks at an apocalyptic future in which most of humanity has been wiped out by a bioengineered plague. The trilogy explores why humans are targeted, how survivors try to rebuild the world, and which species may emerge as the new dominant population. One verified buyer explained the series in a way that only book lovers can understand: “A book you can’t put down until you finish reading it at 5am and immediately go find someone to binge on it. You really don’t want to sleep, Is that right? You go find someone and wake them up too. Let them read!”

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All Souls Trilogy

Discovery of the Witch; Shadow of the Night; Book of Life

List Price: $54.00

Deal price: $25.20 (up to 53% off)

The series has been carefully adapted for the AMC+ screen the discovery of the witch, But they always say this book is the best.This all souls trilogy Follow historian Diana Bishop as he is reluctantly pulled into the wizarding world after encountering a magical manuscript. Along the way, she meets the charming vampire Matthew Claremont, who helps her navigate an impending supernatural war. One reviewer praised the series and the set, saying: “I recommend these books because they are well written and keep readers interested. The author tells the story so well that even if you know what’s going on, you Will want to reread it again. The physical set itself is well made and looks great on your shelf.

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The Magician Trilogy

Magician; King of Magicians; Land of Magicians

List Price: $51.00

Deal price: $30.71 (up to 60% off)

This collection by Lev Grossman incorporates The Chronicles of Narnia and Harry Potter Asked: “What would happen if truly evil people also had these powers?” The series was adapted into a hit TV series in 2015, but fans had to check out the books to truly understand fantasy and magic like Quentin Coldwater How a lover is finally so fed up with the world he has always longed for. As one reviewer put it, “I finished all three books in three weeks and I had a hard time putting them down. The quality of the books is excellent, and they are all decorated in an attractive way. All in all, the books are 10/10, will make you laugh, make you cry, and trust me, in the end you’ll beg for more.”

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Magic Tree House Series

Books 1-28

List Price: $167.00

Deal price: $51.62 (up to 69% off)

One of the most beloved series by young readers, magic tree house The series follows siblings Jack and Annie as they travel through time and learn about historical events. These books can help children learn more about history and science, while developing a love of reading and fantasy that will likely stay with them into adulthood. This set is rated 4.8/5 stars, and it’s easy to see why. As one reviewer explained, “I bought these books so that my grandson would read them with me. I wanted to encourage him to read and make him proud of himself. This series not only does that, but is the first Once he read the books willingly and more importantly understood the storyline.”

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Stephen King Classic

Carrie; ‘Salem Lot; Shiny

List Price: $52.00

Deal price: $25.66 (up to 49% off)

People who are just beginning to explore the horror genre may not know where to start; the correct answer is with this Stephen King boxed set. Fans may have seen the movie versions of these Stephen King masterpieces, but none are as rich as the originals. The boxed set gives fans old and new a glimpse of the horror master’s early work. As one critic put it, “What do you think of Stephen King? The master of horror brings three different stories, three different stories. One of the amazing things about these classics, like this author’s Like all works, every time you reread it, you get something new.”

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Toni Morrison Box Set

Bluest Eye; Song of Solomon; Beloved

List price: $46.95

Deal price: $19.68 (up to 42% off)

Highly regarded for its poetic style, Toni Morrison’s book is the perfect entry point into the genre of magical realism for those looking to expand their horizons. bluest eyes It was her first book published, Song of Solomon bring her into the public eye, beloved is her most successful so far. One critic put the power of Morrison’s books into words, claiming: “Everyone who opposes racism and oppression must read these thoughtful and vivid accounts of one of today’s most talented writers, who put sentences together. Become a living person. Every volume is a treasure.”

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The dragged trilogy

Star Wars Saga: Heirs of the Empire, Rise of Darkness, The Last Command

List Price: $48.00

Deal price: $23.43 (up to 49% off)

The background of the Thrawn trilogy is star wars The universe in five years Return of the Jedi, the New Republic is just beginning to find stability. As everyone strives to build a better future, Marshal Thrawn prepares to attack the heart of the Republic and put Luke, Leia, and Han’s hard work in vain. One reviewer summed up perfectly why fans should buy this set, explaining: “If you want to start somewhere in a Star Wars novel. Start with the Thrawn trilogy. The pack arrives a week early, and when it arrives it The shape is very good. Really recommend.”

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