15 books to be published in September 2022

If you’re confused about what to read, fear not; September will bring quite a few new reads, from compelling literary novels to crime thrillers and everything in between. Featuring debut books, the latest Stephen King story and Nicholas Sparks’ new romance novel, this spring’s upcoming book roundup is sure to keep your handbag full and your nightstand crammed with fascinating new reading.

1. The American Roommate Experiment, Elena Armas

Expected release date: September 6

Following the success of her romance novels spanish love scam Here comes this new love story revolving around romance writer Rosie and her temporary roommate Lucas. Faced with writer’s hurdles and a looming deadline for the novel, Rossi is persuaded to go on a series of experimental dates with Lucas.

Source: Amazon

2. The Forgotten Act, Robert Harris

Expected release date: September 13

In England in 1660, General Edward Wiley and his son-in-law Colonel William Goff found themselves on the run, wanted for the murder of King Charles I. Under the Oblivion Act, royalists are hunting down all 59 men who signed the King’s Agreement for death warrants.

Source: Penguin Books Australia

3. Investing with She’s on the Money, Victoria Devine

Expected release date: September 20

Bestselling author and award-winning financial advisor Victoria Devine brings her second book on learning how and why to invest. Delve into money concepts, risk profiles, ethical investing, and more, invest with her is a simple and powerful investment guide.

invest with her
Source: Penguin Books Australia

4. The Missing Bullet, Richard Osman

Expected release date: September 15

For readers of this publication thursday murder club, the third book in the series is about to be released, which is great news. In this issue, a decade-old unsolved case leads the Thursday Murder Club to local news legends and murders with no bodies and no answers.

missed bullet
Source: Penguin Books Australia

5. How not to drown in a glass of water, Angie Cruz

Expected release date: September 13

from the author Dominica Here comes this ambitious and moving novel, How not to drown in a glass of water. After losing her job in the Great Depression, protagonist Cara Romero was placed as a job consultant. Over her 12 lessons, Carla tells the story of her life, from her love story to her struggles with debt and loss.

How not to drown in a glass of water
Source: Macmillan

6. The Fate of the Tired Woman, Carolyn Huynh

Expected release date: September 6

This multi-narrative debut by Carolyn Huynh follows an estranged family of Vietnamese women cursed to never know love or happiness, who come together when a psychic makes an unexpected prediction; a prophecy , for better or worse, family reunion.

the fate of the tired woman
Source: Simon & Schuster

7. Marriage Portrait, Maggie O’Farrell

Expected release date: September 6

Set in Florence in the 1550s, marriage portrait Follow Lucrezia de’ Medici, a young duchess forced into an unfamiliar court when she suddenly marries the mysterious Duke Alfonso.

marriage portrait
Source: Penguin Random House

8. Fairy Tale, Stephen King

Expected release date: September 6

This new Stephen King story follows Charlie Reed, a 17-year-old boy who inherits the keys to an alternate world where good and evil are at war.

fairy tale
Source: Simon & Schuster

9. Dreamland, Nicholas Sparks

Expected release date: September 20

from New York Times The best-selling author tells a story about taking risks for your dreams. Over the course of a week, two young men experience heartbreak, and fate will pull three people into a life-changing network.

Source: Nicholas Sparks

10. Temple of Joy, Kate Atkinson

Expected release date: September 20

Set in 1920s SoHo, where gangsters, politicians and dancers gather, Nellie Kirk and her empire face threats from both outside and inside. In this captivating novel, Kate Atkinson captures the uncertainty and variability of life.

Temple of Joy
Source: Penguin

11. Everything Unsaid, Tracy Lane

Expected release date: September 1

Described by Liane Moriarty as “an unforgettable debut”, all unsaid A study of the effects of genetic trauma and social discrimination as well as a literary thriller.

all unsaid
Source: HarperCollins, Australia

12. Lessons, Ian McEwan

Expected release date: September 15

from bestselling author Atonement This is a fascinating chronicle of our time. An intimate and universal story of love, regret, and a restless search for answers, course Surrounding Roland Bane, he is forced to confront the reality of his rootless existence and find answers in his family history.

Source: Penguin

13. Ithaca, Claire North

Expected release date: September 6

A Fascinating Retelling of Classic Greek Mythology Penelope, Clairnos ithaca It tells the story of women rebelling in a world ruled by ruthless men.

Source: Hatchette

14. The Butcher and the Wren, Alaina Urquhart

Expected release date: September 20

True Crime Podcast Co-Host’s Debut Thriller Novel morbid, Butcher and Wren Follow forensic pathologist Dr. Wren Muller as he gets caught up in a cat-and-mouse chase by a murderous murderer.

Butcher and Wren
Source: Penguin

15. Golden Enclave, Naomi Novick

Expected release date: September 27

The third and triumphant ending of the bestselling “Psychic Academy” trilogy, golden enclave Seeing El face the horrific truth upon which the entire stability of the enclave and wizarding world rests.

golden enclave
Source: Penguin Random House

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