18 Educational and Fun Science Books for Elementary Children

Combining full-color illustrations with inspiring and relatable characters, this 3-book graphic novel series by Shannon Hale tells a story of friendship and hardship as they try to survive the challenges of elementary school down.


Megan McDonald’s 13 books in this wildly popular chapter book series tells the story of Stink, a brave and surprisingly shrinking boy who isn’t afraid to take risks and star in his own adventures .


Rick Riordan brings mythology to life with this 5-book series featuring beloved characters from other popular series like Percy Jackson. He shows us the world of the gods through fascinating stories and adventures.

4. Brendan Buckley’s universe and everything in it


This award-winning book tells the story of a curious self-proclaimed boy scientist who is looking for answers and connecting with his estranged grandfather. This book about real life, family, and what it means, introduces readers to geology and heritage.


(ages 6-9) Doreen Cronin’s “Chicken Squad” series is now an animated TV series. This 6-book series follows 4 mischievous chicks as they discover alien technology, solve murder mysteries and create problems for their farm animal companions.

6. National Geographic Children’s First Space Book


Catherine D. Hughes creates fantastic nature and wildlife books with a special focus on STEM topics for early readers to practice reading aloud and learn about the world around them. This National Children’s Geography book explains outer space with beautiful illustrations and simple sentences.

7. Skunk! : Calpurnia Tate, female veterinarian


This lovely illustrated 6-book series from Jacqueline Kelly tells the beautiful story of 2 kids Travis and Carly who find 2 skunks who need rescue. They decided to take them home and keep them, but caring for 2 skunks is no walk in the park.

8. Rescue on the Oregon Trail


This adventure and action story by Kate Messner (part of a 12-book series) tells the story of a young boy named Sam and a brave dog named Ranger. The Ranger accidentally finds a time travel machine in the first aid kit and returns in time to save Sam’s little sister. The Ranger may think his job is done, but the rescue is just beginning.

9. The reason for the seasons


Gail Gibbons’ easy-to-read picture book is the perfect combination of education and imagination. Gibbons uses accurate illustrations and diagrams to explain the Earth’s rotation, axes, and how they affect and change the Earth’s seasons.

10. The Dangerous Story of Nathan Hale


This action-packed 11-book series of graphic novels by Nathan Hale tells the true story of notorious spy Nathan Hale during various historical events during the Revolutionary War. This historical fiction series is engaging, educational, and perfect for kids who love learning about America’s past.

11. Ricky Ricotta’s Mighty Robot


This exciting and wonderful story written by Dav Pilkey is part of a 9-book series featuring full-color illustrations, advanced technology, and a cute little mouse named Ricky. The story follows Ricky trying to make friends and stop being bullied. He ends up saving a robot created by a mad scientist, and their unlikely friendship is exactly what he’s looking for.


This modern and relevant 2-book series follows Allie, a smart, tech-savvy girl who invents a new app to make friends and go on a scavenger hunt. Everything was going well until a system glitch could leak everyone’s information. Allie needs to right her mistakes and team up with her rival Nathan to save her app and reputation.


This mystery series of 18 books (ages 6-9) is set in a different ballpark in each novel. Mike and Kate enjoy baseball games and solving mysteries that seem to try to sabotage their favorite players. Follow along, eat some Cookie Jack, and find clues to solve the baseball stadium mystery.

14. Chameleon wears chartreuse


The first book in Bruce Hale’s 15-book mystery series; Chet Gecko, a fourth-grade detective gecko who loves solving crimes and eating bug pie. These books on animals and mysteries make an excellent series for your beginning readers.


This lovely 6 book series by Lois Lowry features a unique and eccentric girl named Gooney Bird who is in elementary school. She’s hard to figure out and has many fascinating stories to tell. Learn more about her and her true story in each book.

16. Science is unfair! : Project Droid #1


These awesome STEM books follow the adventures of Logan and his mom’s science experiment-turned-smart robotic cousin, Java, as they try to win a science fair. Can they win together, or will this great series end in technical glitches?

17. Goldie Blox rules the school!


These books on engineering and encouraging girls to build and create are inspired by the toy line. The genre of the story inspires boldness in young readers, while the relevant characters demonstrate the joys of scientific experimentation.

18. Mad Scientist Academy


This graphic chapter book series is all about science fiction and excitement. In Mad Scientist Academy, dinosaurs come to life, monsters take classes, and engaging characters try to fix mad science experiments that go wrong.

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