5 Best Ebooks on Casinos and Gambling

I’m a true bookworm, but have only read one book on gambling and non-GamStop casinos: Casinos. Hey, isn’t this a movie? Yes, that’s right, that’s a movie. A good one, too, starring Robert De Niro, Joe Pesci and Sharon Stone. This movie is from 1995 and may be a bit dated, but if you haven’t seen it, do it! It’s not without reason that he scored an 8.2 on the IMdB.

Going back to the book, I might even have it somewhere on the shelf. The book, also from 1995, was written by Nicholas Pillegi, who also wrote the screenplay for the film. The book had been written before, but director Scorsese wanted to release the film before the book was published.

Another famous book about casinos is Casino Royale. Hey, isn’t this also a movie? True again, but the movie originates from the first James Bond book in 2006, which Ian Fleming wrote: Casino Royale is set in Published in 1953. I have neither seen the movie nor read the book. Maybe I should do one of these as I’m getting more into the world of gambling and non-GamStop casinos… For more information click here.

But beyond these two “normal suspects” (also a movie, not related to gambling, and not based on a book), there are many more books about casinos and gambling. Some novels or novels like Casino (which is true) and Casino Royale, but there are also many “handbooks” on how to gamble. Which is the best (if we trust the experts)?

Burning the Table in Las Vegas – Ian Anderson

In the 1970s, Anderson wrote The Turnaround in Las Vegas, the book that was the start of many blackjack careers. After that, he disappeared from the radar for years, disappearing from Burning the Tables in Las Vegas in 2002. Anderson himself is a blackjack player who likes to gamble high. Between the two books, he perfected his game, not only in blackjack, but in poker and other games of life, as he puts it.

How do you become a blackjack expert? Anderson addresses this in his book.

Anderson’s technique combines elements of mathematics, psychology, and physical and mental health. This is how he wins. The book explains all aspects of the game of blackjack.

Also, he will entertain you with anecdotes and stories of his casino adventures around the world. A must read for anyone who wants to play professional blackjack.

Comped – Bill Kearney

Comped means “pay for you or get it for free”. In Comped, Richie V’s story plays the leading role. You will follow this high roller on his adventures through the casinos and everything they have to offer him in his short life. From limousines, suites, helicopters to penthouses, they’ll pay him anything as long as he gambles.

This book is based on a true story. Bill Kearney has spent more than 15 years researching all the gambling stories, reading all the books, and concluding that none of them tell the truth. He made up the story as fiction, otherwise every casino would have lied before publication. Comped came out in 2001 and is available from Amazon.

Video Poker for Smart Beginners – Bob Dancer

Bob Dancer is a video poker guru who puts his tips and tricks down on paper. This book is the ultimate guide for anyone looking to win at video poker. Bob exposes all his tricks to find the game with the highest payoff. In addition, he shows how to use the perfect strategy for maximum profit.

Black Belt in Blackjack – Arnold Snyder

Blackjack is a hot topic for writing guide books. The tagline of the book is to make blackjack a martial art. Over 21 chapters (could be a coincidence?) Snyder takes you into the world of blackjack and teaches you how to be a pro.

Snyder, himself a legendary blackjack player, offers tips and tricks that can help you win some serious money with the popular card game. Whether it’s team play, card saving, or camouflage techniques, you’ll find it all in this book.

Beat the Bookmaker – Edward O. Thorpe

This is also related to blackjack, as can be seen from the slogan: The winning strategy of the game of blackjack. In other words, Thorpe also wants to teach you how to win the game of blackjack. What sets this book apart from others is that Thorpe is a card-counting expert and possesses valuable knowledge of the game.

Thorpe explained how to use the points system to win. He should know that he has a college degree in mathematics and has ties to several leading institutions such as MIT.

With tables in the book, winning is easy. And the book has helped generations of blackjack players since it was published in 1966. It’s also known as the blackjack bible, and of course, the bible never goes out of style.

This can also be seen in the fact that the eBook of the book was released in 2016.

Gambling 102 – Mike Shacklefold

The best strategy for all casino games. Shacklefold is not as comprehensive as an instructional book on a topic, but in 19 chapters, Shacklefold provides the best strategies for the most common casino games. Before that, the authors played at a casino for a year, combining the research with mathematical calculations and computer models.

An explanation of casino games can be found in Gambling 101, 102 takes you to a deeper level and shows you how to play the best game with as little effort as possible. So don’t expect ground rules about casino games. Whether you want to play baccarat or video poker, Sic Bo or craps, this book provides clear and concise explanations.

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