Andy Cohen and Andy Cooper had a messy Saturday with the kids

Andy Cohen and Anderson Cooper had a messy weekend.

On Saturday, Oct. 8, Cohen shared a short video of his planned afternoon with Cooper on Instagram.

The two appear to be sitting in the bookstore, with Cooper holding a baby off-screen. In the background of the video, several children can be heard yelling, crying and talking loudly, and Cohen gleefully recounts the moment.

“Saturday afternoon, Ben, I mean Anderson,” the “Watch Live” host said, correcting his mistake. “Just a mild Saturday.”

Cooper chimed in, “That’s how we’ve been this past Saturday.”

“Wow, life really changed,” Cohen said, before Cooper asked him what he was drinking. Cohen held up a small paper cup, confirming that it was just water.

As the noise around the two fathers continued, Cohen added, “Wow, Saturday, we’re going to have a party, eh? That’s awesome. Remember when we were in town. Do you remember?”

Cohen and Cooper have been friends for more than two decades, even forging a second-generation friendship through their young children. Cohen has two children, son Ben, 3, and daughter Lucy, 5 months, while Cooper has two sons, Wyatt, 2, and Sebastian, 7 months.

At one of the two’s most recent reunions, Cohen and Cooper had the opportunity to compare their experiences with young children. Cohen asked Cooper about his life as a father, and asked the CNN anchor, “So Anderson, I’m dealing with major mood swings and irrational grumpiness. What are you doing these days?”

“I don’t know, my kids are great,” Cooper replied.

Startled, Cohen asked, “What? What? Like there must be some wrinkles now,” only Cohen realized that things were going well at the Coopers.

“Oh, that’s great. Great, so everything is fine in your home. Oh, great, did you have a great vacation?” Cohen asked, to which Cooper replied, “Just with the kids. Let’s go out and play together.”

Despite their diametrically opposed experiences raising young children, the Cohen family learned a lesson or two from Cooper, including preparing Ben to be a big brother.

In May 2022, Cohen opened up to TODAY in an early presentation on NBCUniversal about where Ben drew inspiration from before his sister was born.

“Well, I think the best thing for us is that we saw Anderson (Cooper) welcome one of Wyatt’s little brothers, so Ben had to see that up close,” Cohen said, adding later, ” It helps me feel a little more relaxed when I get home.”

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