AU’s most anticipated books of 2022: October-December

We are getting closer and closer to Christmas now. That means we’re now entering the busiest few weeks in publishing and book sales. Expect to see plenty of gift books and themed editions hitting shelves in the next few weeks.

With so many books coming out every month, our AU Books team is willing to do our part to help and pick out some of our favorite and most anticipated books to come out over the next three months. Regardless, this is not an exhaustive list. These are just some of the books we’re excited about in the near future.

We’ll be back in December to round up our favorite reads of the year. Until then…happy reading!


our night – Mariana Enriquez (trans. Megan McDowell)

Granta | Release Date: October 13 | Preorder Here

Simon: Since we’re in a creepy season, I feel obligated to start this thing off with a proper gothic title. our night is the latest book by the award-winning Argentine novelist and journalist Marianne Henriquez translated into English.The translation here comes from Meghan McDowell.

Gasper is in danger. He’s 6 years old and is escaping the Knights, a group of wealthy followers trying to navigate the darkness – at any cost. Gasper, while no ordinary six-year-old, may have inherited his father Juan’s strange abilities. A powerful psychic who is trying to save his son from the evil cult he was destined to serve.

our night Spanning the years of Argentina’s military dictatorship and its aftermath. This is a novel about broken families, cursed lands, legacy, power and sacrifice. A thrilling journey through Gothic fiction. Perfect season.

Atlas Paradox – Olivier Blake

Pan Macmillan | Release Date: October 25 | Pre-order here

Jessie: Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ve probably heard of the TikTok buzz Atlas Six. No doubt fans will be pouring into bookstores around the world this October, waiting for the sequel to be released Atlas Paradox Every character in the first book must now take sides, making and breaking alliances that will change the world as we know it.

I was drawn to this series because the first book was originally self-published and was a huge success, later taken over by Penn Macmillan.

It’s very satisfying to see indie authors find a wider audience, and I’d love to see how the series continues.

unnecessary drama – Nina Kenwood

Text Publishing | Release Date: October 5 | Order Here

Jemima: Brooke finished high school in her country town and moved into a shared apartment in Melbourne to study at university. Everything is going well, she has a to-do list and an app to deal with the possibilities, and her whole future and new self are waiting for her to master them.

But then her high school nemesis Jesse moves into the shared apartment, and suddenly she has to deal with a disaster she never foresees and try not to violate the first house rule: no unnecessary drama.

This looks like a fun, lighthearted, YA rom-com about moving and growing up, with a sweet enemy-to-lover arc coming along with the young adult plot.


book from heaven – Patty Smith

Bloomsbury | Release Date: November 15 | Pre-order here

Simon: Acclaimed musician in recent years Patty Smith Due to the success of her memoir, she is known as award-winning author Patty Smith just kids and medium train. She is about to release . book from heaven Put Smith on a slightly different path. Influenced by her Instagram feed, book from heaven Perhaps more credit to Smith’s Land 250 than her most recent memoir.

book from heaven is a collection of 365 photos, one for each day of the year. In addition to the photos, there are extensive and intimate notations of Smith. For those of you who follow Smith’s Instagram, you’ll know that her eyes are eclectic, her daily coffee is on a grid, next to a photo of the poet’s grave, and more. But don’t worry, plenty of original material can be found.

A rare glimpse into the magpie thoughts of a visionary poet, writer and performer. This is definitely one for Patty Smith fans. I’ve been pre-ordering a copy for a few months.

Heart of the Sun Warrior – Su Lin Tan

HarperCollins | Release Date: November 30 | PRE-ORDER HERE

Jess: I didn’t lie when I said I picked it up Su Lin Tan‘s first book daughter of the moon goddess Just because of its gorgeous cover art, but I’m also left with the story.

Heart of the Sun Warrior Ready to do the same to me again. Epic stories combined with Chinese mythology and classic fantasy themes, I would love to read this.

I also totally dislike this dualistic trend we are currently seeing in fantasy publishing. With so many incredible books, it’s very satisfying to know that you can have the depth of a series and still have a fast-paced and stress-filled read that doesn’t leave you hanging for an ending matter.

catch her when she falls —Alison Bukola

Penguin | Release Date: November 1 | Preorder Here

Jemima: Ten years ago, when she was in high school, Mika Wilkes’ boyfriend killed her best friend. Ten years after Emily, a promising star ballerina, Mika is finally able to move on.

But then, memories of that night started popping up in her home and workplace, and the questions asked on the True Crime podcast made Micah rethink that fateful night.

It sounds like a great, tense thriller full of intrigue, twists and explosive endings. Great for staying up late reading!


Stella Maris – Cormac McCarthy

Pan Macmillan | Release Date: December 13 | Pre-order here

Simon: Sixteen years after the publication of his last novel Cormac McCarthy It’s back, not one, but two new novels published about a month apart: passenger and Stella MarisThe novel follows siblings Bobby and Alicia West, who are tormented by the legacy of their father, a nuclear physicist.

Stella Maris The second (and shorter) of two novels, it focuses on math prodigy Alicia, who doesn’t want to talk about her brother because she’s admitted to the hospital with a $40,000 plastic bag. The novel is McCarthy’s first focus on female protagonists.

The two novels were among the publishing events of the year, and McCarthy is considered by some to be America’s greatest living novelist. Add in sixteen years of waiting and rumors, and it’s safe to say the expectations are high.

where it rains – Dennis Crittenden

Angry Robots | Release Date: December 6 | Preorder Here

Jess: Give me beautiful space opera style science fiction any day. This book caught my eye a few months ago, and it finally feels like it’s almost here. Lileala is the rare indigo (beauty of beauties) on the planet Swazembi, a colorful utopian and galactic holiday paradise.

But when a mysterious disease begins to contaminate her beautiful skin and she begins to hear voices in her head, the world is more terrifying than ever. But in fear, a new force has awakened in Liliara, one that can change the galaxy.

I’d love to know where Crittenden’s debut sci-fi novel takes me.

Tailor at Prospect Heights – Katie Celdis

HarperCollins | Release Date: December 6 | PRE-ORDER HERE

Jemima: A historical novel about three women living in 1920s New York. Moving between New York, late nineteenth-century Russia, and 1910s New Orleans, the story is about adapting to the future, building strong friendships and communities, and moving from the past to the future.

The book looks both tragic and touching, and everyone has a happy ending. I love the sound of the environment it goes through, and the look at women’s lives at different times and how they dealt with the challenges they faced.

Thanks to Jemimah Brewster and Jess Gately for their contributions to this article.

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