‘Body Body’: A Good Movie, Finally

The way Gen Z is represented in the media is inherently embarrassing. Not because of who we are, as a generation, but because other generations lazily choose how to represent us: young, hyper-online, articulate siblings with a vocabulary full of opinionated slang.

So when they get it right, it’s not bad.

body body body, Directed by Halina Reijn, she brings The Knife into the sexy killer genre and gives it a dark comedy facelift. Starring in a series of “It” people like Amandla Steinberg (the hatred you give), Rachel Sennott (Shiva baby), Myha’la Herrold (industry) and Pete Davidson (Kim Kardashian’s ex), A24’s latest horror film has received a media sensation that only the death of the Queen can match.

premise?Perhaps the easiest way to explain it is as Aiko Euphoria (a cult drama about a teen who loves drugs and bisexual lights) and clue (a game that only exists in vacation homes).

Bee (Maria Bakalova) is invited by her new girlfriend Sophie (Amandla Stenberg) to a “Hurricane Party” at the mansion of her childhood friend David (Pete Davidson). All seven attendees exist in very stereotypical Los Angeles fashion: professional babes first, influencers or celebrities second, but all floating in the precious gauze of generational wealth.

It was named the Hurricane Party because, unsurprisingly, a hurricane was about to hit. Vintage champagne bottles with katana swords and fluffy wine racks with sensuality. Then, the power goes out. Naturally the perfect time to play “Bodies Bodies Bodies”: a murder-in-the-dark game that soon becomes less game and more murder.

The writing is great. There is no doubt that it has Gen Z influence throughout the language, and many have tried (and failed) to replicate it. The use of TikTok’s psychotherapeutic language (trigger, trauma, gaslighting, etc.) is not with a mean devotion, but with a self-conscious wink. Make a joke, not a joke.

Synthetic saccharine soundtrack starring Slayyyter Dad AFAzealia Bank 212 And Gen Z patron saint Charli XCX wrote a vibrant, ultra-pop track for the film, and you’ll be captivated by any partygoer’s giggle self.

body body body Illuminated primarily by an iPhone flashlight, swinging between each character blinds them like a reproach. Like a moth to a flame, they swooped in front of it, and the blue light of the phone illuminated it, how much it blocked. There’s a certain sensuality and humor in the way their phones are rendered useless by a power outage, but each character still controls them like villains, and their phones are human lifeboats. The film explores the performative nature of being alive in 2022 without blaming it. Like, obviously we’re all playing a role, playing that role. Pooh! It’s all part of our brand.

The movie is smart, funny, and poignant. I guess all that’s left now is whodunit.

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