Books: Q&A with local author Lynn Sloan

Evanston resident Lynn Sloan is a writer and photographer. her first novel, Navigation Principlesnamed the best book of 2015 by the Chicago Review of Books, and her second novel, midstreampublished in 2022, is called “glowing” by the foreword review.

she is the author of the storybook This is far from enough. An art book featuring her flash fiction titled fortune cookies, Published by Lark Press in 2022.

Her short stories have appeared in Ploughshares, Shenandoah, and American Literary Fiction, and are featured in NPR’s Best Short Stories. She is a graduate of Northwestern University, holds a master’s degree in photography at the School of Design (formerly the New Bauhaus), and has exhibited her work nationally and internationally.

For many years, she taught photography in the MFA program at Columbia College in Chicago, where she founded the Accidental Reading in Photography and for afterimage, art week and exposed Before turning to fiction writing.

Bookends & Beginnings asked Sloan a few questions about the roundtable; here’s her editor’s response.

your cocktail party description Midstream: It was the summer of ’74, Chicago. Polly Wainwright thinks she’s finally found a safe haven in a turbulent world – anti-war protests, rowdy feminists, old ways of when she finds every decision she makes is based on lies wear.

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When you realize you want to be a writer: In my first career, I was a fine art photographer. While I continue to love photos, I want to get to the surface of events. I want to explore the inner workings of characters and relationships. For that, nothing beats fiction.

Your first published work: When I was a professor at Columbia University, I was afterimage, art week and exposedAt the same time, around 1990, I started writing stories. My first article was published in The Roanoke Review, a small literary journal associated with Roanoke College.Since then, my story has appeared in many excellent journals and has been featured in NPR’s Featured Shorts. My Story Collection It’s not far enough Appeared in 2018.

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