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The bookstore is just a description boss lamp. Located in one of the many historic buildings in the city center, Bosslight is a welcome beacon for all lovers of art, books and antiques.Owner, Nacogdoches Localauthormusician and SFA alumniusTim Bryant, who often sits at the back table writing his next novel, always finds time to stop and welcome every guest with a big smile and a story.

Kobe Bryant first moved to Nacogdoches when he was still 8 year-old He was with his parents Bob and Jean Bryant after his father accepted a job at SFA. His father introduced him to famed East Texas author Joe Lansdale, which inspired him to start writing his own novel.

he was In 2007, he became the first graduate of the SFA Creative Writing program. He wrote his first book, dutch curry, year 2010. He has since written more than 10 books, eight of which are part of three separate series.

Back in 2010, he owned a t-shirt shop called The Runaway Mule, which was based on the popular Nacogdoches tale of a loose Marx Brothers comedy career. He sold several books, some by other Texas writers, and his T-shirts. The number of books continued to grow as Bryant met more authors through book signings and panel discussions about his own novels. Eventually, the store closed and he opened The Bosslight again.

Bryant opens The Bosslight in fall 2016,A few months after the release of his third novel, old mom curry.

“We were a shirt store with just a few books; we just turned it over and became a bookstore with just a few shirts,” Bryant said.

As a writer, Bryant Say He balances his lonely writing experience by talking to and getting to know clients. Customers come from all over the United States.S. Including California, Florida and New York. Some even come from Europe, Australia, New Zealand and Finland.EAch the time someone entered shop, Kobe ask about them and get to know them.

“What I love is connecting and talking to people [them],” He says.

In addition to knowing his clients, Kobe Bryant he also said Enjoy the unpredictability of work every day.

“I wish you could stay here for three days just watching because what you found Everysky Something happened that made that day unusual, unlike any day before,” he Say.

While each day brings new experiences, it can also bring new challenges. Bosslight not only survived as a small business in rural East Texas, But also experienced a global pandemic.

“When you’re a small business, every day is a challenge; it’s an uphill battle,” he said.

period COVID-19Kobe will accept orders online and by phone. Then he will Keep your business afloat by delivering books to your customers’ doorsteps.

“The problem with staying in business for six years is you have to adapt and plan for what’s coming,” he said.

SecondAccording to Bryant, running a small business requires a strong work ethic.Due to competitors like Amazon, his main challenge is simply Try to sell enough books every day.

He gets help from other local businesses owner as well aslike Tonmustard seed winner, Patty Miller. bryant said she Recommends The Bosslight for books she doesn’t carry, and Bryant recommends The Mustard Seed for any Christian books he doesn’t carry carry.

In addition to other local business owners, Bryant relies on About his girlfriend Anne Kendall, his Business Partner James King, King’s wife and his parents Bob and Jean Bryant; all whom he considers family.

Through the challenges of running a small business, Bryant found fun in his shop no matter how much he made.

“I don’t make much money, but I have a good job. I can talk to people every day, and every day I go to work I get excited about what’s going to happen that day,” he said.

Bosslight is open Tuesday-Friday 11:30am-5:30pm and Saturday 11:00am-4:00pmtwo SFA students receive There are also discounts.


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