Bruce Wayne and Jeannette O. Stender’s new “The Cabin Knot Tale” is a fascinating fictional account of a real and very dangerous fire

“The Story of the Cabin Knot: Night Flight!”: An exciting forest adventure. “The Cabin Knot Tale: Night Flight!” is the creation of published authors Bruce Wayne and Jeannette O. Stender, a husband and wife who have been working together since 1986 Shumont Mountain in rural Bancom County has its own property.

Janet taught public schools for two years, taught physical education at O’Quinn School in Charleston, South Carolina for 22 years, ran the Bishop’s Bookstore at St. Center, caring for faculty and staff for seven years. She has two children and two grandchildren..

Bruce has been a marine biologist for 30 years at SCDNR, adjunct professor at the College of Charleston and Trident Institute of Technology, six years as collegiate ministry coordinator at the Diocese of South Carolina, teacher for over 12 years, wrestling coach, science department chair, Christ Dean of the school Cunningham College. He now continues to serve as Captain and EMT of the Broad River Volunteer Fire Brigade.

Bruce and Janet share: “For the most part, it’s a history of party rock fires, told by some living creatures who have lived through it. They lived in a very small neighborhood near the top of Mount Shumont in the southeast corner of Boncombe County, North Carolina. A special place called the Little Knot. The sights, sounds, smells, tastes and touches of their home are special. They almost lost their home and more, but by the grace of God and the efforts of many, they will live to tell More adventures.

“Let’s let them say a little bit in their own words:

“‘Our old home has changed,’ Brewster explained. “As I looked down on the creek this morning, all the bushes we used to hide in were gone. The ground is black. There are no berries anywhere for us to eat. I’m afraid we’ll have to move to the other side of the mountain.

“‘Oh, Brewster,’ said Jenny sadly. “I really don’t want to take the kids out of our woods, but we have to find food! “

“‘We’re all going to be fine. We still have our family. We’re going to find another meadow with lots of berries. Let’s get started!’ Brewster said.

“‘But Brost!’ called Chippy. “Will you come back to see us? “

Published by Christian Faith Publishing, Bruce Wayne and Jeannette O. Stender’s new book features illustrations by Shonte and Latoyya Jones.

Stenders shares a compelling story, paired with beautifully detailed illustrations of the Jones sisters, for a terrifying evening for young readers.

Consumers can purchase “Tales of Cabin Knots: Night Flight!” at traditional brick-and-mortar bookstores, or online at, the Apple iTunes store, or Barnes and Noble.

For more information or inquiries about “The Cabin Knot Story: Night Flight!” contact Christian Faith Publishing Media at 866-554-0919.

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