This week in Loveland history, September 25-October. February 2, 2022 – Loveland Reporter-Herald

10 years ago • Alternatives to Violence hired consultant Leah Johnson of JD Consulting to help plan the safe house development. “This economy has shown us that there is an urgent need for shelter,” said executive director Linda Nelson. • While he has not yet started work, incoming Thompson School District Superintendent Stan Schell met … Read more

“Everyone has a book“: Ordinary people record their stories, and the memoir industry thrives | Autobiography and Memoirs DayDayNews

Brian Lewis grew up on a tough council estate after arriving in England as part of the Windrush generation. At the age of eight he developed an interest in chess and joined a team of council estate children in tournaments with children, usually of a higher background. At the age of 12, he challenged and … Read more

Geek Wars – Atlantic

this is a version atlantic organization The Daily is a newsletter that guides you through the day’s most important stories, helps you discover new ideas, and recommends the best cultures. register here. pop culture franchises such as Lord of the Rings and game of Thrones– Grow this year to include Amazon’s This Ring of Strength … Read more

Why the economy becomes less dynamic with age

In April 2020, venture capitalist Marc Andreessen published a widely read article titled “It’s time to build.” Despite its supposed dynamism, the U.S. economy appears slow and rigid in the face of a once-in-a-century crisis. Masks and ventilators are in short supply, but this inability to adjust quickly is not unique to Covid-19: America has … Read more

An Intimate Evolutionary History Reviewed by Alison Bashford – Darwin’s Pioneers Science and Nature Books

CIn any case, Hals Darwin was a docile, conflict-averse man. In his written work, he tends not to attack his opponents personally. He rarely gave public lectures and never participated in the heated face-to-face debates in Victorian England as a public testing ground for scientific thought. Fortunately, the author of On the Origin of Species … Read more

The campus is garbage.the debate is over

We know very well that your campus is garbage. Every generation of OSU students or residents believes their generation’s version of the High Street Corridor is better than anything that currently exists. I hope the record reflects that this is a debate that is officially and empirically dead. The fact that you can call it … Read more

For Moshe Safdie, Thoughtful Architecture Is About Humility

“Writing the memoir has allowed me to relive a lot — relive, reassess, and reassess different moments in my development,” says Moshe Safdie. Reflection is a priority for the 84-year-old Israeli-Canadian-American architect who wrote his book, published today, during the COVID-19 lockdown. If Walls Could Talk: My Architectural LifeReads like a memoir cum travel diary … Read more

Lionel Shriver mocks ‘cultural police’ and more in her new book

Veteran novelists often have a special, predictable asset—a knack for portrayal, a clever plot, a unique style. Lionel Shriver, however, is surprisingly unpredictable—and that’s what makes her interesting. She seems to be actively resisting satisfactory expectations. Her novels have gone from the provocative “We Need to Talk About Kevin” (2003), about the mother of a … Read more