Preston Women publishes collection of inspiring children’s books on disability and difference

Joanne and Michelle with Bertie the Very Blind Bat – one of the first books in the “A Little Different” series A Preston woman is inspiring others to reflect on their own personal differences through her collection of disability and difference-based children’s books. advertise Joanne Moore has been working on the “The Bit Different” series … Read more

Duggar critic slams Jinger and Jeremy for ignoring accusations of tone-deafness as they continue to promote new children’s book

According to critics, JINGER Duggar and her husband Jeremy Vuolo have dismissed accusations that their new children’s book is dysphonia. Counting On alumnus appears in candid conversation with Jonathan Youssef to promote the release of You Can Shine So Bright. 5 Jinger Duggar and husband Jeremy Vuolo appear on podcast to promote their new children’s … Read more

Some want to hide LGBTQ themes from Greenville SC kids

LGBTQ+ advocates on Thursday spoke out against Greenville County Council member Joe Dill’s plan to propose legislation to remove books with LGBTQ+ themes from the children’s section of Greenville County Libraries. “Authoritarian governments ban books, not democratic republics,” said Leslie Johnson, who founded the Greenville chapter of PFLAG, an organization that supports LGBTQ+ families and … Read more

My Student Experience: Reading Program Launched by Lisa Wilkins ’22MED Connects Gates County Students with Mentors

On a Friday afternoon at TS Cooper Elementary School in Sunbury, North Carolina, nearly 40 fourth- and fifth-grade boys sat down with male mentors from the Gates County community and opened the first page of Dwayne Reed Simon B. Rhymin’. Mentors from the Enhanced Wildcats (MEOW) group continued to meet for the remainder of March … Read more

Elise Gravel tackles misinformation and journalistic literacy in children’s book ‘Killer Underwear Invasion’

Don’t be fooled by the silly titles and primary color monsters in Elise Gravel’s latest book, Killer Underwear Invasion: Children’s picture books are more than just a fun bedtime story.One of dozens of fun and informative picture books from Gravel – including you cana story about diversity and self-love, and an exploration of gender stereotypes … Read more

Livingston Diocese’s Restrictions on LGBTQ Books Get Serious

Livingston — A proposal to review certain books with LGBTQ content at the Livingston Parish Library stalled Tuesday night after library board members rejected the move. They see the effort as an effort to circumvent their policies and procedures, though the matter could continue indefinitely as conservative activists familiarize themselves with the system. Erin Sandefur, … Read more

Children’s Book Fair, Garden Show and Southside Science Festival Kick Off Fall | Evening Digest

Over the weekend, thousands of Hyde Parkers flicked through book stalls, tulip tables and science-related stalls as they ushered in the last days of summer. From throwback events like the Children’s Book Fair and Fall Garden Show to the inaugural Southside Science Festival, here’s a look back at the weekend. Children’s Book Fair Dr Tasha … Read more

Children’s books about death, mental illness using images of different children

The days of avoiding serious topics in children’s books—like complex emotions, racism, mental illness, and even death—seem to be over. Writers targeting younger readers are dealing with disturbing facts, producing more diverse and complex content to engage them. Children’s book authors have been crafting complex narrative arcs for young readers since the 1960s, said Carl … Read more

Gwendoline Riley’s Haunted Heroine – The Atlantic

In Gwendoline Riley’s fictional world, parental love cannot be trusted. What is supposed to be here by nature seems biased and conditional. The reader will clearly feel that nothing – not even this so-called pure emotion – comes without a price. This tension is at the heart of her novel, as her narrator’s current difficulties … Read more

Space for Everyone: Possible Future Bookstore Opens on Edgewood Avenue

As shoppers stroll through the brand new bookstore of the possible future, Lizzo bursts out from a set of Bluetooth speakers, perusing the shelves and admiring the artwork. New Haven’s newest independent bookstore opened on August 22 in the Edgewood neighborhood. It provides a space where shoppers are free to open open book covers, work, … Read more