Complete ‘The Last of Us’ HBO Cast: All Cast and Characters

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Who is on the Last of Us HBO show? Here’s a comprehensive guide to all the characters and actors in the adaptation of Naughty Dog’s popular game series.

There have been dozens of highly regarded game adaptations on the big screen before, but it surprised fans when The Last of Us was revealed to be in an episodic format.

The 2013 Naughty Dog action-adventure title has come of age in terms of cinematic influencers and nuanced storytelling, redefining how narratives are portrayed for thousands of players around the world. HBO Max will premiere the TV show next year, featuring music from the game’s composer and participation from Naughty Dog co-president Neil Druckman.

If you’re not sure which characters will appear or who’s portraying them, here’s your cast guide for The Last of Us HBO.


  • The Last of Us: Every Actor and Character

Warning: If you haven’t played the game, The Last of Us will have some minor spoilers…

The Last of Us: Every Actor and Character

You’ll see some fan-favorite characters appearing on the show, as well as some original characters.

Based on the first game in the series, the show will tell the story of “Joel and Ellie, a pair connected by the harsh world they live in, forced to endure brutal conditions and a relentless trek in post-pandemic America. Killer”, outline below.

Joel Miller: Pedro Pascal

Joel Miller is a survivor of the Cordyceps sinensis disaster that swept the United States. After the tragedy broke out, he focused on becoming a skilled smuggler. Joel eventually meets Allie Williams, and the two reluctantly bond over their adventures. Miller also worked for the Firefly, a militia led by Marlene.

Pedro Pascal is best known for playing the titular character of The Mandalorian and has had success in films such as Kingsman: The Golden Circle and The Unbearable Weight.


Pedro Pascal will play Joel in the show.

Allie Williams: Bella Ramsay

Ellie Williams’ early life in quarantine in Boston led to her friendship with Riley Abel. At the age of fourteen, Ellie contracted the Cordyceps virus, but found she was immune. Firefly leader Marlene believes Ellie is the key to reverse-engineering the virus, and she tasked Joel Miller with escorting her out of quarantine in hopes of finding a cure.

Bella Ramsay previously played Lyanna Mormont on Game of Thrones.

last survivor tv showhyperbaric

Bella Ramsay has previously starred in Game of Thrones.

Tommy Miller: Gabriel Luna

Joel’s brother Tommy Miller fought alongside Joel in the Firefly Militia. However, a quarrel between the two led them to part ways. Meanwhile, Tommy continued to travel around the United States and improve his status in the militia.

Gabriel Luna known for Bernie, Terminator: Dark Fate and Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.

Image of Tommy in The Last of UsHBO Max

Tommy is Joel Miller’s younger brother.

Marlene: Mel Dandridge

Marlene leads the Firefly, a ferocious militia. A close friend of Ellie’s mother, Anna, Marlene played a key role in establishing the Quarantine to form the basis of a new government. She used to have a romantic connection with Joel’s brother Tommy, although that connection dwindled when Tommy quit the Firefly business.

Merle Dandridge is best known for her role as Alex Vance in Half-Life 2 and has appeared in several Broadway musicals such as Rent and Jesus Christ Superstar.

Image of Marlene in our last showHBO Max

Marlene leads the Firefly militia.

Tess Servopoulos: Anna Tove

An ally of Joel Miller, Tess Servopoulos assists Miller in smuggling. Tess shares a similar cold heart with Joel, with whom he escorts Ellie across America.

Torv is best known for her roles on Netflix’s Mindhunter and Fringe.

Tess in our last imageHBO Max

Tess is an ally of Joel Miller.

Sarah Miller: Nico Parker

Sarah Miller is the daughter of Joel Miller of Pedro Pascal.

Nico Parker is the daughter of Westworld star Thandie Newton and has appeared in Tim Burton’s Dumbo and Memoirs.

Bill: Nick Offerman

Bill, the mysterious character in The Last of Us, forms a broken alliance with Joel and Ellie during his travels. With a wealth of mechanical knowledge, Bill is able to forge useful items for scrap, making him a competent survivor.

Nick Offerman will play Bill on the show and is best known for his role as Ron Swanson on Parks and Recs.

Nick Offerman in The Last of UsHBO Max

Nick Offerman plays Bill on The Last of Us.

Frank: Murray Bartlett

Frank was Bill’s partner and lived with him in Lincoln. The two ensured that survivors would not enter their town, which they spent years fortifying against numerous threats.

Murray Bartlett is best known for the TV series City Stories and The White Lotus.

Riley Abel: Storm Reid

Riley Abel is one of Ellie Williams’ closest friends. Bonds built through years of education and training, Riley hated the military but praised Firefly’s behavior.

Storm Reed made his debut in “12 Years a Slave” and has since appeared in “The Invisible Man” and “Suicide Squad.”

Image of Riley in The Last of Usnaughty dog

Riley was Ellie Williams’ childhood friend.

Henry: Lamar Johnson

Henry is a survivor of Hartford and is very protective of his brother Sam. They try to survive in an abandoned apartment and maintain a close bond until their adventures meet Joel and Ellie.

Lamar Johnson can be seen in The Hate U Give, Brother and Kings.

Henry and Sam in The Last of UsSony Interactive Entertainment

Lamar Johnson joins the cast as Henry.

You get the idea — that’s all the main characters to watch out for in The Last of Us TV show.

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