Cozy Cottage artisan gallery opens on Lake Worth Beach

LAKE WORTH BEACH – Denise Savela fulfilled her lifelong dream on November 12th. It was the day she opened The Cozy Cottage LWB.

Her husband Tim died in December. The pandemic has kept her confined to her Lake Worth beach home for far too long. Two close friends ten years her junior also died. Her arthritis was getting worse.

“I decided to live boldly. I chose to be happy. That’s why I did it. It was a life-changing experience,” said the 61-year-old Detroit native, walking gingerly through the doors of the Dixie Highway Antiques and Craftsmen Gallery. Among the myriads of colored lace, stained glass, paintings and other handcrafted art.

Economics is what keeps most small business owners up at night. They worry about managing expenses, insurance, paying employees, and keeping customers happy.

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