Detrick Hall Renovation Builds Campus Community | VTx

The renovation of Dietrick Hall and the adjacent Quillen Spirit Plaza aims to make this residential activity center a more connected, inclusive and convivial community space.

“We wanted to provide a complete lodging experience,” said Brandon Hendricks, associate director of food and beverage services. “It means giving people places to gather. So with this project, we’re inviting you to come in, have fun with your community, and think of Dietrick’s ground floor as your living room. Study, hang out, be with your campus Groups meet. It will be a very cohesive and welcoming space.”

Once the upgrade is complete, guests can expect significant improvements, with schedules that vary from store to store. As construction is dynamic, guests are encouraged to follow the foodservice social channel @hokiedining and observe signage around Dietrick for updates on visits and hours of operation.

Hours of operation for all dining centers can be found at and the Hokie Dining app.

The update and expansion are designed to provide students with more dining, study, leisure and collaboration facilities.

While the 8 cafeterias upstairs in D2 are open for business as usual, the only entrance to D2 is currently on the southeast side of the building. Any temporary changes will continue to be communicated through signs or field staff.

Xpress Lane is open for business as usual and customers can follow the signs to the east side of the building. The site will see the biggest change with Deitrick’s renovation, moving to the middle of the building, quadrupling its size. Xpress Lane will remain in its current location until the new space is ready, expected in spring 2023.

Xpress Lane will expand into the former bookstore retail and storage space, offering a wider selection of products and a special venue with a fresh and changing menu. The new well-appointed store will take the form of a chef’s table, offering seasonal menus tailored to student tastes.

The chef’s table concept familiar to customers of the D2 version stems from the tradition of chefs serving family and friends in quiet areas of the kitchen while they work. While the idea has grown to include all customers and more styles of service, the chef’s table still helps to deepen the relationship and response between guests, culinary teams and seasonal flavors.

“Our chef’s table menu will start with the BBQ concept and everything will be halal,” Hendricks said. “We will assess students’ interest in the menu throughout the year and change the concept based on their preferences.”


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