Duggar critic slams Jinger and Jeremy for ignoring accusations of tone-deafness as they continue to promote new children’s book

According to critics, JINGER Duggar and her husband Jeremy Vuolo have dismissed accusations that their new children’s book is dysphonia.

Counting On alumnus appears in candid conversation with Jonathan Youssef to promote the release of You Can Shine So Bright.


Jinger Duggar and husband Jeremy Vuolo appear on podcast to promote their new children’s bookCredit: Instagram
The book


The book “You Can Shine So Bright” received backlash over its portrayal of certain charactersCredit: Instagram/jeremy_vuolo

Jinger, 28, shared excerpts from their conversation on the Christian podcast in an Instagram post on Friday.

Titled: “We Love Talking With Candid Pod About Our New Children’s Book You Can Shine So Much!”, the video depicts Jinger, 35, and Jeremy discussing the motivation for writing the book.

The alumnus of 19 Kids and Counting said that while working on other projects, she and her husband thought: “It would be fun to get our girls to read.”

The couple share four-year-old daughters Felicity and one-year-old Evangeline.

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The mother-of-two mentioned that they wanted to write something that would “point them to Christ.”

“Our girls are obsessed with books,” says Jeremy, adding Jinger, “We do it all with our girls in mind.”

While some fan reviews were positive, others turned negative, with followers questioning the backlash surrounding the book’s release.

One such comment read: “How do you respond to critics who say this book is tone deaf? POC and children of different abilities are misrepresented.”

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Another critic asked: “You’re still promoting the book, portraying black kids as thieves and disabled kids as an afterthought?”

A third commenter said: “Unfortunately, you didn’t understand the book.”

‘tone deaf’

Last month, the couple were accused of writing a “racist” children’s book after critics noted “tone deaf” details in the storyline.

Announcing the launch, Jinger wrote on Instagram: “We wrote ‘You Can Shine So Bright!’ because we want younger kids, like our two young daughters, Felicity and Evy Jo, to know they were created by God, There is a special purpose!

“He wants them to learn about his love and share it with the world. We hope this little book will engage your children with stories and illustrations and encourage them to want to learn about Jesus and the love he gives!!!”

The 32-page picture book follows a group of children “modeling love, joy, patience, peace, and more in everyday contexts.”

Critics have questioned the fact that one of the characters in the book, a person of color, is portrayed as a thief.

They also slammed the “tone deaf” treatment of wheelchair-bound characters.

fans gone

Some netizens wrote in the comments on Jinger’s post: “Why is the little black girl full of negative emotions? It’s not good-looking.”

Another added: “It’s deeply disappointing that you chose to use a person of colour as the thief instead of the perfect white girl.

“Given the societal dynamics of 2022. I feel like this is so deaf to the real issues that the POC is dealing with on a regular basis.”

Third post: “‘Try to obey’ and the little black girl who stole the balloon??”

Another user commented: “This is terribly deaf to a culture that portrays POC and needs white kids to save POC.”

Another critic said angrily: “Racial aside, ‘God loves you too’ is serious about the little boy in the wheelchair…?

The US “Sun” contacted representatives of Jinger and Jeremy for comment, but has not received a reply.

This is not the first time Jinger has been accused of racism.

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Back in 2018, the TLC alum wore her then two-month-old daughter in a hijab, which some critics say is racially insensitive.

“This is racism,” one user wrote, while another claimed the accessory was a “micro-attack.”

Fans criticize Jinger and Jeremy for ignoring audio-blind allegations as they continue to promote new book


Fans criticize Jinger and Jeremy for ignoring accusations of tone-deafness while continuing to promote new bookCredit: Instagram/jingervuolo
The couple have two daughters together


The couple have two daughters togetherCredit: Don’t know, clear with a drawing table
Jinger has yet to respond to the allegations


Jinger has yet to respond to the allegationsCredit: Instagram/jeremy_vuolo

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