Exuberant 5th Book Opener from Keeneland’s September Sale

Keeneland September Yearlings Auction Volume 5 Opening Day Ends Seeing a Pony Pass by Fireworks Violence Received $220,000 from James Zahler via telephone bidding. Woods Edge Farm (Peter O’Callaghan) commissioned the pinhook as Hip 3181.

In Wednesday’s trade, 329 of 365 horses were sold for a total price of $12,969,000, with an average price of $39,419 and a median price of $30,000. Thirty-six horses failed to reach reserve, with an RNA rate of 9.9%.

During the 9th session in 2021, 331 horses changed hands through the ring with 358 horses for a total of $13,038,500. The average price was $39,391 and the median was $30,000. Twenty-seven horses failed to reach reserve, with an RNA rate of 7.5%.

The session culminated after Woods Edge Farm sent their pinhook into the ring and saw Violence’s pony take top honors from James Zahler in a phone bid with Joseph Mills for $220,000.The pony is out sharp humor Mare, One Hot Senorita, half-sister Nicole Hgo through Mr. Greeley 2011 Distaff Handicap (G2) Category Winner aqueduct And competed in the 2012 Princess Rooney Show jumping (G1) at Calder Racecourse. Lynn Jones and Kathy Jones raised violent sons in Kentucky.

The pony was originally purchased by Peter O’Callaghan at the 2022 Fasig-Tipton Kentucky February Mix Sale to share with his farm staff.


Photo: Anne M. Eberhardt

Peter O’Callaghan at auction

“When I got this guy in February, I put a whole bunch of my key staff in half, so it’s a good result for them,” O’Callaghan said. “They took good care of him all year. When we bought him he was a lovely pony and he didn’t need much imagination; he was a big, sturdy pony in February. He was Yes, had a great walk, and after reviewing it, I was a little surprised that I got him that day for $20,000.”

O’Callaghan added: “He’s done well all year and finished a beautiful horse. He’s had nearly 18 reviews here and I know he’s going to sell well. We set his price For $99,000, he did his thing “from there. It was a great result and a great end to the sale, really. We only have one pair on Friday, but that’s the end of the main draft. “

David McKathan of Grassroots Training & Sales was the leading buyer of the day on Wednesday with a $375,000 gross purchase of 10 horses.

“It was another great day for Woods Edge Farm, with a couple of little holes along the way, but overall, today’s deal was fantastic,” O’Callaghan said. “The appetite in the back ring all day today, for good horses that have been vetted clean, you don’t see a lot of people passing in six or seven races all day, which is a good sign for the race , so many horses are breaking into reasonable money and paying for their breeders. On the bottom end, there aren’t a lot of single digit sales and it’s really hurting the breeders and everyone.

Gainsway sold 23 horses at the opening of Book 5 for a total of $1,166,000 and a median price of $50,696, making it the main shipper for Book 9.

“Bonus is driving the market at the moment; there’s no doubt about that. Tax breaks are certainly driving it. Maybe the yearly cuts we’re seeing are driving it too,” commented Fergus Calvin, managing partner of Hunter Valley Farms. “However, I think the Keeneland lads are doing a great job and I don’t think there’s a need to lose a job because of the job. The number of international buyers here is amazing. I remember coming here two years ago and when you go to the backcourt, No one there. The place has been buzzing from day one to today; I know they’re helped by bonuses and talked about, but I think the guys at Keeneland are really doing a good job. Bringing people in, recruiting And do what they promise to do…get good physical fitness in front of people.”

The scene of looking at the horse in the back ring.  A scene from Keeneland's September sale on September 20, 2022.
Photo: Anne M. Eberhardt

Buyer in the back ring of the sale

Cumulatively, 2,278 horses sold 2,731 horses through the ring over the last nine trading days for a total price of $401,683,500, an average price of $176,332, and a median of $100,000. 453 horses failed to reach their reserve, representing an RNA ratio of 16.6%.

At this time, in 2021, 2,240 of the 2,698 yearlings were sold for a total of $351,357,000, with an average of $156,855 and a median of $90,000. The RNA rate of 458 horses was 16.9%.

Sales of Volume 5 continue tomorrow, September 22, HI 3184 – 3587, starting at 10AM ET. As of Wednesday night, 46 horses had withdrawn from the 10th race.


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