Five cozy reads for a cool Christmas

Guest article by author Amy E. Reichert
Amy E. Reichert is a writer, wife, mom, Wisconsin, amateur cook and cider lover. She has an MA in English Literature and serves on the library’s board of directors. She is a member of Tall Poppy Writers. The latest novel by Amy E. Reichert december before Published on October 4, 2022.

It’s that magical time of year – October – when Christmas begins to seep joyfully into our daily lives. Ornaments and pine branches popped up at Target, the Hallmark Channel started teasing their holiday movie lineup, and ambitious decorators strung up lights while the weather was still warm (is it just me?). This is also the time of year when festive fiction decorates bookstore tables for readers to store in anticipation of a cozy night of book-scenting under the lights of the Christmas tree.

Holiday Switch by Tif Marcelo

THE HOLIDAY SWITCH draws on some of my favorite tropes—holiday romance, forced proximity due to weather, hate love, romantic moments involving holiday activities like ice skating and sledding, and coming of age. Marcelo made sure to add a modern twist to a familiar idea, making it as fresh as new snow!

Happy Cuties by Julie Murphy and Sierra Simone

Want to add more steam to your Christmas cocoa? here is! The adult film star and former boy band member starred in a wholesome holiday movie, but things got hotter than a roaring Christmas on screen. Funky, playful, and fun, A MERRY LITTLE MEET CUTE is a sexy, refreshing holiday read!

Christina Lauren on a holiday

Christina Lauren plays with time in this dreamy holiday gem. After a car accident and a Christmas wish, May relives the same days over and over, disaster after disaster. Christmas magic, breath-taking romance and snow-capped mountains will make you want to snuggle under a blanket until you read the last page!

Let It Snow, Maureen Johnson, Johns Green and Lauren Myrak

One snowstorm, three stories, unlimited vacation. Let It Snow seamlessly weaves three short stories by three authors, following multiple teens on a snowy night. Although this is an older book, I promise it will warm your heart!

Christy Woodson Harvey’s Christmas at Peachtree Bluffs

Return to Peachtree Bluff with the beloved strongwoman from Kristy Woodson Harvey’s Peachtree Bluff series. A hurricane and a holiday are on the way, forcing women to confront family secrets as they prepare for severe weather. Southern charm, family drama, and holiday charm make this the perfect holiday read.

Bonus – the night before Christmas

On Christmas Eve, my family always makes the night before Christmas the last thing we do before going to bed, even now that the kids are teens. This is the perfect story to get sugar plums dancing in your head.

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