Getty Creative Insights Leadership: How Relevance, Diversity and Sustainability Drive Visual Imagery

A growing desire to go beyond the surface for full authenticity in diversity and inclusion, sustainability and technology is driving the creation and utilization of visual imagery and video.

This is the view of Kate Rourke, Head of Creative Insights Asia Pacific at Getty Images and iStock, who catches up Chief Marketing Officer A recent visit to Sydney to discuss macro consumer and market trends influencing how it develops a catalog of photo and video galleries, and how brands use visuals to communicate information.

These trends are also highlighted to the company’s B2B customer base through its VisualGPS insights engine, which combines more than 2.5 billion search data points from the Getty website with downloads and keywords from more than 880,000 authorized customers and thematically divided popular visuals. It is supported by custom research that the organization conducts regularly with research polling group YouGov.

As Rourke explains, VisualGPS looks at macro trends through four identified “forces” – sustainability, authenticity, technology and health. These trends are driving more or less consumer engagement and buying behavior across geographies, generations, genders, and employment.

Here, Rourke talks about how Getty is responding to these trends, and how Covid is impacting the goals achieved through visual and video imagery.

CMO: What are the macro trends driving your own visual creative strategy in 2022?

Kate Rock: On a broader level, from a technological standpoint, the metaverse is something we are very concerned about. Everyone is talking about it and we as a business are very interested.

From a Covid perspective, what we’ve seen is a major and rapid shift in the direction of our entire lives, from home gyms to online learning and work. This has impacted the world of work and how we see it, we’re seeing a shift to hybrid work, and the consequences of that. It’s not just a show of sitting at home with a laptop, it’s how you can be inspired.


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