How MullenLowe’s JFK TikTok Voice Inspires Gen Z

It has been six years since President John F. Kennedy delivered the speech that will inspire and define a generation. In the face of uncertainty, Kennedy declares “We choose to go to the moon,” calling on Americans to dream bigger than ever – Kennedy Library Foundation hopes to save in 2022 with a new generation who may never have heard of it And share this information with the “Moonshot” speech.

For the first time ever, the speech was remixed and turned into a digital track that can be shared on social media platforms including TikTok and Instagram reels.Created by the team at Marenlow USATogether with Good Ear Music Supervision and Safari Riot, political campaign Using influencers in a variety of spaces to continue the legacy of Kennedy and speaking, asking “How will you choose to change the world?”.

To discuss how the project came about, the responsibility for using such an iconic speech and following JFK’s ‘Dream Big’ advice, LBB’s Ben Conway spoke with MullenLowe’s creative team, which includes group creative director John Wolfarth, social and Dustin Johnson, head of digital creative, Meg Riley, senior vice president and head of social strategy, and Sara Vater, vice president and director of accounts.

LBB> Where did the initial creative spark for this event come from? What does the briefing look like?

John> The problem is simple – use the 60th anniversary of the “moonshot” speech to drive the buzz and relevance of the Kennedy legacy. However, the creative possibilities are enormous. We know that an entire generation — Gen Z — knew very little about Kennedy’s speech. We realized that, like Kennedy, they were committed to social change and were not afraid to announce their goals. That’s when it hit us – we would use his voice to inspire theirs.

Dustin > This is our first project with the Kennedy Library Foundation. It’s both exciting and humbling when they ask us to build a campaign around one of America’s most inspiring speeches. By sharing it with a new generation, we have the opportunity to connect the voices of the past with the promise of the future.

LBB> Why “Moon Talk”? How does it affect the rest of the campaign?

John> The speech itself is the center of the mission and the heart of the idea. And his most famous line: “We choose to go to the moon”, became the campaign name (“We choose 2”) and our slogan. Sixty years ago, he asked Americans to dream big and do things “because they’re hard.” The movement asks the same question: “How will you choose to change the world?” The message of today is as important as it was then.

LBB> What’s it like to use JFK’s audio? He was a powerful American symbol and an important part of American history – were there high expectations when using this speech?

Sara Vater> This is the first time the client and the Kennedy family have authorized any kind of remixing or reinterpretation of a “Moonshot” speech. So working with raw audio can be daunting at first. However, we know it has the real power of the moment we are celebrating. Kennedy knew that achieving your goals starts with declaring them.

LBB> Why did you choose TikTok as the main driver for this event? What’s the process of putting a remixed speech on TikTok and getting influencers involved?

Meg > We want to introduce power to Gen Z in the Kennedy speech, and TikTok is arguably where they spend a lot of their time. It also has huge creative potential. To take advantage of this, we identified influential content creators based on audience composition and their expertise (science, education, technology, etc.) and asked them to express how Kennedy’s speech resonated with them. Enforcement is up to them. For us, that’s the power of creator collaboration – letting their voices guide the content.

John> Mixed speeches are a cornerstone of the campaign. It even had its own creative brief, identifying the quotes we wanted to emphasize and the vibe we wanted. As part of this, we examine the characteristics and attributes of popular voices on TikTok. We then briefed the Good Ear Music Supervisors (GEMS), who helped us identify artists and collaborators with the right voice and a strong social following. Once we connect with Safari Riot, we know we’re on to something. The resulting track has that old and new vibe we were looking for, not to mention the incredible earworm.

LBB> Describe the accompanying digital experience for us! How does it attract viewers who click on TikTok? How was it designed to share the Kennedy legacy in the clearest and most engaging way possible?

Dustin > The digital experience is a companion to social endeavors and remixed tracks. These three parts work together, complement each other, and are designed and built by our in-house content and technology teams. This is a great resource for those who want to hear more of the speeches, learn how Kennedy’s bold choices had a lasting impact, and most importantly, get inspired by the other participants’ repositories of posts. We call it our “command center”.

Meg > Our goal is not necessarily to drive the digital experience, but to educate the new generation about the impact of JFK around that. Selected creators, branded visuals and music are all designed to roll to a stop. We want creators to share their stories and inspire others to do the same. This is a big but meaningful question.Sharing how you made a difference and scaling behind these stories is our real goal

LBB> The campaign expands beyond TikTok – can you talk to us about creating social posts, outdoor posters and ‘We Choose 2’ merchandise? Why are these elements important and effective?

John> Clients have active social media and we want to use these platforms to help announce and expand campaigns. So we’ve created over two dozen different pieces of content that will go live throughout the work. While We Choose 2 is socially centered, we also want it to live in the real world. We placed digital out-of-home ads in high-traffic areas frequented by Gen Z (college campuses) and created shirts and bags so people could announce engagement. Elements like those help the idea become more solid and less ephemeral.

The entire visual vocabulary of the campaign was created in-house by Arthur Daraujo (Design Director) and Allie Hughes (Associate Design Director). Like the “We Choose 2” idea, the look and feel is both retro and modern. Classic black-and-white images of Kennedy set the stage for the story, while colorful, stylized sound waves reflect how his words and ideas still resonate today. The result is something both fresh and familiar.

LBB> Do you have any data to share with us about the success of the campaign so far?

Sara> The hashtag #WeChoose2, which only appeared on our content, was viewed 1.4 million times in the first ten days.

LBB> What was the biggest challenge you faced with this project? How did you get over it?

John> The most challenging aspect of the project was doing something that had not been done before. From remixing Kennedy’s speech to creating a UGC-centric digital experience, the event has delivered many firsts for us and our clients. Their collaboration helped push the idea forward. There are moments of anxiety. Yet together we did what Kennedy asked us to do—dream big and fight for it.


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