If you shop at Walmart, get ready for this ‘unique’ change

It’s no exaggeration to say that you could spend hours wandering around Walmart. Every department is packed with products, and the retailer has become a go-to place for anything other than groceries and other essentials. In fact, Walmart recently announced its intention to redesign hundreds of stores to attract customers to different sections, namely clothing and furniture. Now, another sector is in the spotlight. Read on to learn about the “unique” changes Walmart is making tomorrow.

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You can find popular fiction titles, self-help books, and children’s storybooks on the shelves of Walmart Books—often at a discount. You might not immediately think of big box stores as a destination for readers, but retailers like Walmart, Costco, and Target have become popular places to buy books during the pandemic. New York Times. Shoppers are unable to shop in-store at large and small booksellers, and many are left with books and groceries. Those retailers were also able to keep up with demand when Amazon, long a giant in book sales, had to turn to shipping medical supplies and household essentials.

Buying books at big-name retailers can sometimes be controversial, with many calling on readers to support independent bookstores, which help support new authors and local businesses. But if you do get your next read from Walmart sometimes, you’ll be happy to hear about the retailer’s latest moves.

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It became popular and fashionable to join different book clubs, which provided a kind of camaraderie for readers on social media or in conversations with other bookworms. Many of these clubs are led by celebrities, Oprah Winfrey popular book clubs and Reese Witherspoonof The newer versions are the two most notable. New “best picks” are announced every month and are often touted as noteworthy reads due to their prose, information or timeliness. There are also paid subscription clubs, like Book of the Month, which allow you to choose from several different titles and send you a new book every month.

Now, Walmart has joined the bandwagon, officially announcing the launch of the Walmart Book Club in an Aug. 22 blog post. Reading your next article at Walmart just got even more exciting because you can now join other readers in what the retailer calls a “literary adventure.”

“At Walmart, we’re always looking for new ways to inspire unique experiences and unique opportunities for our customers,” Miles Robinson and Megan BeeTwo Walmart booksellers wrote in a blog post. “It’s just one of many ways we help our customers live better.”

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Walmart Book Club Summer Picks

The book club focuses on adult readers and selects about five books each year. Four titles will be announced “seasonally” and the final selection will receive the retailer’s top honor, “Choice of the Year.”

“Our team of booksellers will select titles based on reading trends, relevance, and industry market data — helping identify exciting titles that Walmart customers are sure to love,” Robinson and The Bee wrote.

The blog post doesn’t detail how the new book will be announced, but the first reading is titled love in the brain go through Ali Hazelwood, will be released on August 23. Summer chooses to “follow a scientist who is forced to work on a project with her nemesis — and with explosive results,” Robinson and Bee wrote.

If romance novels aren’t your jam, fear not. In the fall and winter, the new Walmart Book Club picks will cover different genres, Robinson and Bee wrote, “providing customers with the perfect new read to curl up with.”

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If you’ve been looking for a book club, or just looking for recommendations for your next read, joining a Walmart Book Club is relatively simple. No formal registration is required to participate, and according to Robinson and Bee, all you need to do is look for the Walmart Book Club sticker on the book cover or on the online book product page. By simply tagging the title, the process is designed to be “easy to join no matter where you live,” Robinson and Bee wrote.

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