‘Lizzie Blake’s Best Mistake’ is a steamy novel from Mazey Eddings

“A Brush with Love” is the debut romance of Bay Village native Mazey Eddings, and the protagonist is dental student Harper who suffers from anxiety, which causes her to experience panic attacks that immobilize her. In Eddings’ new book, Lizzie Blake’s Best Mistakes, Harper’s baker friend has a “sticky brain.”

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That’s what she thinks about ADHD. Lizzie switches from job to job, unable to decide on the flavors of the ice cream stand. She forgot to take her meds and never spent more than a night with a man, preferring hookups arranged through dating apps.

She waits for a late appointment at a bar and meets Australian Rick in town for a work assignment. They planned to leave together when her original date showed up, got drunk and abused her. Rick put him in his place, and he and Lizzie spent the night at his hotel.

Make it day and night. Lizzie is startled when Rick asks Lizzie for her phone number, and Lizzie is startled when he invites her to lunch. When he returned to Australia, she hoped she would never speak to him again until she called to tell him she was pregnant.

They decided to move in together and become “platonic co-parents.” Lizzie has a self-described “loose nature”. Her parents, especially her mother, criticized her harshly for making her feel unloved. Rick is disciplined and his parents are enthusiastic and supportive.

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