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OneMallory Blackman’s first book came out in 1990 after being rejected 82 times by publishers.The 60-year-old from southeast London has written more than 70 books, mainly for children and young people, including Octagon and Cross series, a regular on the list of the nation’s most popular titles. She is also the recipient of the Children’s Award from 2013 to 2015. Blackman’s latest work is her autobiography, just say: my life.

So, over 70 books… have you counted?
do you know? I do not. I know it’s over 70, but I’m lost. It seems a little pathetic that I want to sit there and tick them all off.

Plus 82 rejections before you started. What do these numbers say about your personality?
I think it shows that when I make up my mind to do something, it takes a lot of effort to stop me. I knew I wanted to be a writer. I can’t sing, I can’t dance, I can’t sculpt. I can’t paint to save my life. But I had an idea of ​​wanting to create something, and I found that I just love creating stories.

in the preface just saying’, you describe the book as “the hardest thing I’ve ever written.” Why?
Because I didn’t make it up, did I? It’s all true! I had to relive past events and reminisce deeply…there were things in my life that I thought, well, well, I can put it aside and never have to relive it again. But apparently I did for the book.

The autobiography certainly has a lot of material. When parents are separated, You were 13 and you and your mother moved to a homeless shelter.In your 20s, you overheard a doctor say you won’t live to 30 because of your sickle Cell disorders.
I just want other people to know that it’s not that I wake up one day and think, I’m going to be a writer. And—boom! – I am a writer! And—boom! – Then I am the winner of the Children’s Award! And so on, as if everything fell on my lap. I wrote this autobiography because I really wanted to talk about the truth about how I lived through those moments in my life.

You have a daughter, but the experience of miscarriage you write about is also very touching. You notice that these conversations about miscarriage only happen when a person talks about it openly. Is that why you want to fix it?
Yes, I think so. You are so engrossed in its grief and going through the process of bereavement. This is something my husband and I go through so much, you wouldn’t appreciate that other people have gone through it and can provide insight and support. Or just put that hand on your shoulder or say with a smile, I totally know what you’re going through. It means a lot.

The sixth and last book Octagon and Cross series, End Game, came out last year. How are you feeling now?
Mainly: thank god I lived long enough to finish it! And: thank god this is done! Well, seriously, it’s been a hell of a ride and I’m really grateful because it’s been over 20 years.But I really feel like it’s over End Game That’s it. Anyone who reads it will know why. If there were more books in that series, they wouldn’t be mine.

just saying’ Posted by #Merky Boks, launched by musicians Stormzy and Penguin Random House, aims to “own and change the mainstream”. Is that what you want behind the scenes?
This is definitely something I want to get behind.I have only respect for Michael [Stormzy]; he was fantastic. I like the way he does his own thing without asking anyone’s permission. So all power belongs to him. Plus, the fact that I’m in his video – Mel made me do it – blows my daughter away! If this sounds like a mutual love, then I’m fine. But having said that, I must stress that I don’t have his numbers. So for those of you who say, “Oh, can you ask Stormzy about this?”: This is not going to happen!

How do you manage distractions like social media while writing? I guess, with your productivity, pretty good…
I’m. My current Twitter handle is “Malorie Blackman is out” so I rarely follow it. I spend a lot of time writing and I don’t want to spend my life on the computer. I want to go for a walk, meet friends and play board games. I must admit I love my murder detective game: the cold stuff. I bought every one I could find in a row and my husband said, “God, Scotland Yard needs to start sending you boxes!”

Do you usually solve cases?
I wouldn’t say I’m Sherlock Holmes, but I tend to do it more correctly. When I first started writing, I bought a lot of books to make sure all my program parts were correct.I remember reading Keith Simpson’s book on forensic science [Forensic Medicine] I have all kinds of mystery books, whether it’s about ballistics or what a knife wound looks like, etc.

What books are on your nightstand?
God, I have so many. If I roll off the bed now, I won’t hit the floor a meter.The next article I want to read is Silver card, where is your husband? [by Lizzie Damilola Blackburn]. There is also a graphic novel called blanket [by Craig Thompson] I am looking forward.The one I recently completed is Tiger By SF; I love that book.In addition, Patterson Joseph’s The Secret Diary of Charles Ignatius Sancho. He’s so talented, this guy.

Which writers do you admire most at work today??
There are so many: Dorothy Koomson, Patrice Lawrence – anything Patrice does.Allie McNichol; I thought she a spark It’s a wonderful book.I really like my graphic novels: I really like BB Alston’s Amalie and the Dark BrothersI want to read his latest book.

You are 60 years old this year—twice the age your doctor predicted for you. What are your current ambitions?
I definitely want to write an adult book, a crime book. It’s something I promise myself, and I’ll do it for years, years, years. I still have a lot of books to write, and a lot of screenplays, and I definitely want to get better at the piano. I try to take at least one course every year because I want to keep learning and challenging myself.

Which courses have you taken?
Music production, one Chinese, one BSL[BritishSighLanguage), I do jewelry making, forensic medicine online courses. Just something brand new to make sure my brain doesn’t shrink. And then it all comes into my writing because I might have someone with that hobby that I can write with at least some level of knowledge.[BritishSighLanguage]IdidjewellerymakinganonlinecourseonforensicscienceJustsomethingentirelynewtomakesuremybraindoesn’tatrophyAndthenitallfeedsintomywritingbecauseImighthavesomeonewhohasthatasahobbyandIcanatleastwritewithsomedegreeofknowledge[BritishSighLanguage),我做珠宝制作,法医学在线课程。只是一些全新的东西,以确保我的大脑不会萎缩。然后这一切都融入了我的写作中,因为我可能会有一个有这种爱好的人,我至少可以用一定程度的知识写作。[BritishSighLanguage)IdidjewellerymakinganonlinecourseonforensicscienceJustsomethingentirelynewtomakesuremybraindoesn’tatrophyAndthenitallfeedsintomywritingbecauseImighthavesomeonewhohasthatasahobbyandIcanatleastwritewithsomedegreeofknowledge

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