Mobile bookstore hits the streets of Louisville

LOUISVILLE, Kentucky — They say don’t judge a book by its cover. Kelly Nusz adds to the list where you buy them.

what you need to know

  • Foxing Books is a mobile bookstore
  • Its mission is to increase the accessibility of books
  • Trucks will head to places like bars and coffee shops around the city
  • Owners are also converting old school buildings into brick-and-mortar bookstores

“I saw this and it was perfect, cute and usable,” Nusz said of the truck she found on the eBay marketplace.

Her vision for the bookstore came when she inherited an old school building built a century ago. “I knew we couldn’t fill an entire bookstore yet, so we had to do it in a way that was more economically viable,” Nusz said.

That’s when she got the idea of ​​starting a mobile bookstore with a mini truck. “So we can carry a small number of books with us so we can be a bookstore for the entire community, not just one place in Louisville,” Nuth said.

The former teacher believes everyone should have access to books, but the reality is that access to books is not a fairy tale. “Louisville has a lot of great independent bookstores, but not every neighborhood, like the Portland area and the West Side. Not many at all,” Nuth said. “All these beautiful areas and communities have readers, but there are no bookstore communities.”

Nusz worries that those readers will miss out on a world full of imagination. “Books allow you to have experiences you would never have, and allow you to live a life you would never have, so you’re not just reading stories that relate to you or about people like you. You can peek into other people’s lives and other people’s experiences,” Nusz said.

Reading is what helped Nusz discover her passion for writing and poetry.

“Unfortunately, when I was in elementary school, I had a teacher who didn’t encourage me to read, so I didn’t like books, and then in high school, when I started reading more books that appealed to me, I just couldn’t stop,” Nu said. “Just holding a book, being alone in a room, going into a world, you don’t have to go anywhere, it’s just a magical experience, it’s empowering.”

The Foxing Book truck will sprinkle magic all over the city. “I want books for that person or those like me, we’re just waiting to find a book that inspires them and leads them to create their own stories or their own art,” Nusz said.

She plans to take the truck to places like flea markets, coffee shops and bars, giving every community a chance to discover a love of literature.

Foxing Books celebrates the grand opening of the book cart on September 28 at the Shippingport Brewing Company.

You can follow Foxing Books on social media to see where the trucks go every day.


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