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Laura Green

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Gals Gals consists of Alice Kavanagh, Fay Cort, Florence Cain and Nicola Short

Laura Green

In volume 2 of Tuesday’s Tattersalls October Yearling Auction in Newmarket, some of the industry’s biggest thoroughbred speculators are back offering their pins such as Pier House Stud, Redpender Stud and O’Callaghan The Tally-Ho Stud of the family. However, when browsing the crochet list, eyes were drawn to a new name: The Gals Gals.

The all-female group consisted of Alice Kavanagh, Fay Cort, Florence Cain, and Nicola Short, and when their first investment was Havana Grey’s foals, the four-man performance would have any veteran pro citing Proud. Michel Zerolo of Oceanic Bloodstock for Peter Brant knocked down 21,000 gns foals to 150,000 gns yearlings.

“Honestly, it’s pretty remarkable,” said Kavanagh, whose family’s Kildaragh Stud commissioned the six-figure youngster. “I know Havana Gray’s success has exceeded anyone’s expectations, but it’s really been a risky purchase and could have gone either way since his first two year olds haven’t run yet. From what we’ve seen Look, they look precocious, but in the end you never really know.”

Havana Grey has acquired a sizable fan club, with 36 winners and 13 black performers on his debut, including recent Cornwallis Championship scorer Rumstar. This colt is the first foal in Speculating, and it’s the non-race half-sister of Group 3 scorer Danehill Kodiac’s Xtension.

Speaking of the upgrade price for the young player, Kavanagh continued: “We were hopeful, but we didn’t want to get carried away, so we tried to control ourselves and we were nervous because the bidding was slow. We thought it would be Everyone who attended participated, but they were all looking at each other at first. Once it got going, it was a very enjoyable watch and we are glad that Clive Cox has been the bidder for as long as he has been around.”

All four of these “girls” are actively involved in the industry as Kavanagh runs her AK Thoroughbreds commission business alongside Kildaragh, Cain provides thoroughbred specific management and bookkeeping, Cort is Assistant Manager at Carrisbrooke Stud and Short is also Key part of the Kildara sales team.

Kavanagh said the four partners pooled their combined brainpower and expanded his appeal before deciding to choose the Havana Grey Pony, adding: “He’s Josh’s pride and joy, and he does it for him. ready. He walked from Solario’s yard to the ring like an absolute champion, so he’s got a good mentality.

Laura Green

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Havana Grey Pony sold to Ocean Thoroughbred

Havana Grey Pony sold to Ocean Thoroughbred

Laura Green

“It’s nice to have opinionated girls, but we thought it would be interesting to see what would happen if we could actually back our point of view with some money. All the girls in the syndicate really liked him so we caught his Opportunity. I’m lucky enough to live in Kildarag with mum and dad so we can leave him there and prepare for him ourselves.”

All-female groups have made headlines on racing pages before, most notably when Gai Waterhouse and Adrian Bott-trained Global Glamour won a group of 1 for the owners of It’s All About The Girls group.

Kavanagh said The Gals Gals will repeat their first success when shopping at the upcoming Colts auction, adding that they would be willing to expand on the idea if other budding female pinhookers were interested.

“When people saw the name The Gals Gals, I got a lot of questions about it,” she said. “I don’t think growing too fast would be a good idea, but if we keep the numbers tight, it’s definitely something to look into. There must be people interested in this, why not? It’s more successful than we thought, but hopefully We can build on that.”

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