New horror-themed bookstore opens in Louisville

LOUISVILLE, Kentucky — Just in time for Halloween, a new niche horror store is opening in the Heights neighborhood of Louisville.

what you need to know

  • Butcher Cabin Books is the new horror-themed store in Louisville
  • The bookstore will also feature horror-themed artwork and accessories
  • The store will open on October 15-16
  • Prizes and sweepstakes will be part of Grand Opening Weekend

Jenny Kiefer has loved horror movies since she was a child, so she’s excited to partner with her mother to open Butcher Cabin Books as an adult.

The storefront started out as a butcher’s shop decades ago, Kiefer said. That and the wood paneling on the walls became the name of “Butcher’s Cabin Books.”

The Horror Shop on Barrett Avenue will sell new and used books, as well as local art, jewelry and trinkets.

“Louisville has this very large alternative scene, and in that alternative scene, this niche hasn’t been filled,” Kiefer said.

For more than a year, Kiefer has been buying a variety of horror literature in preparation for the opening of her bookstore. She plans to launch titles that many people may have never heard of.

“One aspect of this store that’s been really important to us is definitely having people branch out,” she explained.

With her own first horror novel set near the small town of Livingston, Kentucky, coming out in early 2024, she’s looking forward to showcasing other Kentucky authors and storylines in her bookstore.

“Kentucky has a lot of creepy history. There’s a lot of creepy places. There’s a lot to learn from,” she said. “I think the Kentucky landscape is really spooky. There’s a lot of rural woods and stuff like that, so I think yes, Kentucky needs to set more horror.”

Kiefer hopes the exterior of her building will appeal to Kentuckians. She and her mom painted the goosebumps-inspired look bright red. Many will say it looks like blood, however, Kiefer says it also looks like strawberry syrup.

“Sometimes when we work here, we hear people walking down the street talking about it and saying they’re excited about it,” Kiefer said.

She said it would be the perfect place to connect with like-minded fear demons, not just in October.

“I think horror readers and people who read horror novels read all year round. I know it’s creepy season all year round for me,” she laughs.

In adult-to-adult horror literature, Butcher Cabin Books will also offer children’s books and merchandise.

The store will open October 15-16 at 990 Barrett Avenue. There will be sweepstakes and prizes, as well as a free tote bag to the first 20 customers. The Fright Bites Food Truck will also be on site.

Kiefer also has some events planned for the store. In a boo to Barrett on October 30, author Clay McLeod Chapman will be in-store reading his new novel Ghost Eaters. On November 12th, Lexington horror writer Laurel Hightower will be live taping her podcast, Graveyard Coffee Talk from Butcher Cabin Books.

More information is listed on the Butcher Cabin Book’s website.


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