Nintendo what Valve doesn’t: Steam-banned games will launch on Switch

enlarge / Nothing weird happens here. no sir.

Japanese publisher Spike Chunsoft announces first official English translation of visual novel Chaos; Head Noah Not coming to Steam as planned “due to changes to game content required by Steam’s guidelines.” But while the game is clearly too risky for Steam, Nintendo’s family-friendly folks apparently have no problem with the Switch version, which Spike Chunsoft says will still be coming out in the US on October 7th.

“Spike Chunsoft, Inc. believes these [Steam guideline-required] The publisher said in the announcement that the changes will not allow the game to be released according to its standards. “The company is considering offering the game through other storefronts, and an official announcement will be made again when the details are confirmed.” Until then, thank you for your patience and understanding. “

Nintendo says this scene fits into its store page, so we think your readers can handle it.
enlarge / Nintendo says this scene fits into its store page, so we think your readers can handle it.

Chaos; Head Noah According to tracking site SteamDB, a Steam pre-sale was originally listed in April, but the page was taken down in August. At the time, this raised some concerns about the ultimate fate of the Steam version, which Spike Chunsoft finally confirmed today.

Valve clearly pushes content limits despite remarkably similar themed sequels Chaos; child Available in English on Steam since 2019 (following its first release on Xbox One in Japan in 2014). PS4 English Version Chaos; child Earned an M maturity rating from the ESRB, which describes strangulation, torture, and “brain-exposing” gameplay scenes as well as “two female characters moaning off-screen while discussing each other’s breasts”.

How bad is it?

Chaos; Head Noah is an enhanced port confusion; headthe game that launched the cult classic science-adventure series of visual novels (which also includes Steins Gate and its sequels). The game follows a series of murders and suicides near Shibuya, Tokyo, and allows players to alter the course of the story by indulging in various positive or negative “delusions.” According to reports, some of these delusions may become very bloody and/or suggest (but not directly show) imminent sexual violence.

“I don’t think it’s worse than anything already in the Steam library,” said Andrew Hodgson, head of localization at PQube Games (who is responsible for Steins Gate) told Ars Technica about the “exciting and violent content” in the game. “It’s far from adult, even though it can be pretty scary in some scenes.”

Just your normal everyday game on a Nintendo console.
enlarge / Just your normal everyday game on a Nintendo console.

original confusion; head Originally released for Japanese PCs in 2008 Noah Coming to Xbox 360 in 2009. The console port (and later Vita re-release) received a CERO Z content rating in Japan, which “assumes that the game should not be sold or distributed to persons under the age of 18”, and is roughly equivalent to the US ESRB “Adults Only” AO” rating. The game’s CERO’s “Content Icon” system only contains warnings about “crime”, not violence or pornography.

Subsequent Japanese ports Chaos; Head Noah Available for PS3, PSP, Android and iOS heavy editing Remove some extreme images and violent descriptions. These ports, in turn, received a lower CERO D rating in Japan (roughly equivalent to the ESRB’s “M for Mature” rating). A source in the visual novel translation community (who asked to remain anonymous) confirmed that both the Switch and the proposed Steam English version of the game are based on this edited script.

a Japanese confusion; head The Nintendo Switch port released earlier this year received a higher CERO Z rating (and a “criminal” content icon), despite using an edited version of a previous CERO D-rated game. The English translation will launch on Switch in the US next month, with an “M for Mature” rating and a content descriptor warning of “gore, sexual themes, language, [and] intense violence. “

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