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The reopening sign in front of the bookstore.

Author: Cash Li, our reporter

Did the bookstore leave you with an unforgettable receipt, or trade your arm for a textbook? Let those memories be ghosts of the past as it’s being turned into a Simpson College spirit store.

The bookstore is currently undergoing renovations to be more focused on students and the community.

“We’re going to be selling more than just clothing. There’s going to be a few things like Champion and Nike, but there’s going to be a lot more that we weren’t allowed to have before. This allows us to express our brand more creatively, This reflects the mission of the college,” said Megan Schultz, director of presidential initiatives.

“What I’m most excited about is the impact this is going to have, it’s a spiritual store, so essentially, it’s going to help increase spirituality,” Schultz said. “People get excited wearing Simpson gear, people are proud to go to school and work here, so it’s nice to have something to show off.”

Kyle McVay has been hired as Director of the Spirit Shop. He is of Indianola ancestry, a Simpson graduate, and has worked there for over 10 years. McVeigh talks about what he’s most looking forward to.

“I know what it’s like to be told what you can have, so for me it’s going to be the freedom and the ability to create while taking this place to a different level and catering to the community.”

Simpson-themed roller bags, signage, homewares, souvenirs and elephant adult bodysuits are among the possible portfolios. McVay noted that he’s reaching out to campus for help, “I’m going to be reaching out to students, faculty, and staff to understand what you really need and need and do whatever I can to bring it to the store because I work for you.”

If you’re wondering where you can buy books right now, don’t worry. Simpson works with textbook provider Akademos. This is a website that gives students access to the same things as a bookstore. Students can buy or rent new, used or digital books. This is a marketplace that allows you to sell these books back when you no longer need them.

“The quote I got from Akademos was that they saved students an average of 62 percent of the total cost of textbooks,” Schultz said.

The marketplace will also allow you to sell other books you’ve found or purchased in the past.

The shift from bookstores to bookstores has become a trend across the country, and Simpson has joined the ranks. “Give Kyle the freedom to rotate inventory, but also listen to the community when they say they want something, that’s our rationale,” Schultz said.

Contact Kyle McVay at the bookstore if you have suggestions for new fashion or trendy fashion.

There will be a soft opening on October 7th to give a limited number of people a sneak peek. The grand opening will take place on October 14, with live models showing off new outfits.

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