ON THE COME UP – A true portrait of inner city life from the perspective of an aspiring 16-year-old rapper

Comments by Dan Skip Allen

coming soon is the second film based on a youth novel by Angie Thomas, the other being the hatred you give, starring Amandla Stenberg, a budding actress at the time. The film also stars a new young actress, Jamilia Gray, as Bri or “Lil Law,” a 16-year-old girl who takes part in a rap war. She dreams of becoming a rapper and getting her family and herself out of Garden Heights, her fictional urban setting. the hatred you give.

Gray’s Brie, or as she is sometimes affectionately known as “The Garden Princess,” is an aspiring rapper like her father, “Lawless.” She competes in weekly rap competitions in an attempt to make money and become famous for herself. When she fights and wins a popular boy, Mylez, she is noticed by his father “Supreme” (Method Man). Her mother (Sanaa Lathan, who is also the director) and her manager Boo (Divine Joy Randolph) don’t think it’s a good idea. But she did it anyway, and went to ATL with him and her high school friends Sonny (Myles Gutierrez), Malik (Michael Cooper Jr.) and Melez.

This movie is similar to the hatred you give In a sense, the topics it deals with are hot topics in society. People target young African Americans and Latinos because of the color of their skin and the type of music they listen to or play. The protagonist’s involvement with rap literally targets her, her family, and her manager. It was the only way she knew how to create a better life for herself and her family. However, this led to unforeseen problems involving her school and the entire community.

The rap community has created some very strong female artists like Nikki Manage, Cardi B and Mary J Blige. These women represent a small part of the United States who are unheard and persecuted. Gray’s character tries to make a few bucks for her struggling family, which leads her to being targeted by school security. Her life is what she uses to create art, and that story is also told, which is an interesting addition to the film. Hearing her words rhymes is a cool way to show what she’s thinking.

I’m the last person to write about rap and how it sends a message to an underrepresented community. It’s a way of telling their story, but it also has implications for those who don’t choose to use this music to tell their stories. They are the target of gangs who use this music as their national anthem. There is so much collateral damage when you write these violent lyrics. There has to be another way to get their message across to the public so people don’t get killed by police or rival gangs.

The characters in the film represent the world the film is trying to create. They are not overly or exaggerated in any way or shape. They represent this fictional community, from high school students to those involved in rap battles to all gang-related people. In my opinion, not a single story in this film is intellectually wrong. Filmmakers and writers from A to Z got the story. Teens and adults alike in the community the film portrays will resonate with this material. This is the ultimate triumph for the film, its actors, directors, writers and those who saw it.

coming soon In theaters and Paramount+ on September 23rd.

Rating: 4/5

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