Reading app ReMo gets development boost at Roux Institute

PORTLAND, Maine — After spending nearly 20 years in the classroom trying to improve the literacy skills of her many students, Michelle DeBlois was frustrated that she couldn’t do more matter.

until now.

DeBlois believes she has developed a way to encourage students to read more and empower teachers to manage that goal.

Along with Kathryn Lariviere and Peter Janett, DeBlois founded ReMo, a web-based application created for students and literacy educators in grades 4-12 to inspire independent reading and develop lifelong engaged readers. CEO and founder DeBlois recently left her teaching career to further develop ReMo at Northeastern University’s Roux Institute. ReMo founder and CFO Lariviere has been teaching for 20 years, and founder and CTO Janett is a website and application developer.

“So when I was teaching it started and I was really frustrated because I had 70+ students and I couldn’t keep track of all the books they were reading and I couldn’t really give them the support they needed. So I decided Be part of the solution,” DeBlois said.

“I was like, ‘I’m going to fix this.’ So we created ReMo and we’ve been beta testing it for the past two years. We found that 25 percent of the students who thought they didn’t read books thought they’d They’ve become readers,” she said.

ReMo is one of five startups in the Roux Institute’s Founder Residency program, which began in July and was featured in Roux’s venture capital showcase this fall. The program helps new businesses develop a business plan and raise investment funds to grow the company.

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