Rockstar issues statement on ‘GTA VI’ leak

Leaked image from GTA VI, but pixelated.Image: rock star

between Grand Theft Auto V was released almost exactly nine years ago, very lucrative (via microtransactions) active chaos space GTA Onlinemany people are very suspicious of the other Grand Theft Auto Game is coming. That was the case until last weekend, when a slew of leaks that appeared to be testing gameplay, art, etc. appeared online. Until next Monday, the official Rockstar Games’ (Grand Theft Auto Developer) channel posted about the rumor.

Unsurprisingly, this is real, but it is said to have come from a Rockstar breach. Here, they outline that this breach will not affect the play and safety of the game. Despite the bluntness of the statement, many questions remain, as rumours of extortion by hackers are now circulating online. The Rockstar Games team also expressed disappointment at the unfinished product on display. While Rockstar is a big company, there are thousands of artists between sound, vision, programming and many other aspects of gaming. No artist wants to circulate a semi-finished project online without consent.

The likes/likes/comments ratio, combined with the fact that so many quoted tweets are hostile to the leak, shows strong support for Rockstar Games. People may experience issues due to lack of updates and attention to recently widely played games (ahem, Red Dead Redemption 2), but most recognize that Rockstar spends time on base game development to ensure its integrity is of a high standard.Until the announcement, a small group of people joked loudly that it looked bad or like a watch dogs rip off. But even those seem to be just trolls and not from any actual attention, especially since it’s clearly a development code.

(via Rockstar Games, featured image: Rockstar Games and (editor) Alyssa Shotwell)

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