Sanaa Lathan and cast bring Angie Thomas’ second film to Paramount+ Movies

just got an emmy nomination succession, Sanaa Lathan’s directorial debut come up, film adaptation the hatred you give The second novel by author Angie Thomas.

Lathan, Thomas and actors Jamila C. Gray, Michael Cooper Jr. and Miles Guitierrez-Riley spoke with Shadow and Act about the film shortly after its world premiere at the 2022 Toronto International Film Festival.

“Acting isn’t ideal when you’re directing because it really requires two different hats, it requires two different parts of my brain,” Lathan told us about steering the film and playing a key supporting role in it. “But I’ve been acting for so long, and I really like the character Jay. She’s Bri’s mother, and as a director, I’m also a bit of a mom on set, especially with younger kids. So I think it’s easy to relate to On a par. All in all, it’s definitely challenging, but definitely worth it.”

The film is also the first for its star Jamilla C. Gray, who played Bri in her first lead role.

Comparing Bri’s experience to her own, she said, “I think Bri had to grow fast, so even some of the similarities in her life still resonate with me now. [I’m] a little older than her age, [but it’s] About discovering yourself about using your voice.But I did learn a lot from high school, especially when it comes to the energy I enjoy with youthful energy [of my character]. First love and first kiss…really nostalgic for me and it was so much fun to bring myself back to 16. “

As for what happens next, Lathan definitely feels like she’ll be directing again, but it depends on what projects will appeal to her next.

“It’s funny because everyone wants you to choose, and I honestly feel like I’m a storyteller — whether I’m writing, or I’m acting, or I’m directing, or even producing My goal in this life is something,” she explained. “So I’m sure I’ll be directing again, it [just] Gotta be the right thing to really speak to me, because if you’re really doing something, it can take four or five months…six months, but [a] Directing is two years of your life, and you have to put your heart and soul into it. So yes, I definitely have both. And I’ll be very picky to make sure I’m really passionate because it’s a big commitment. “

Watch the full interview below:

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