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We commemorate the Air Force’s 75th birthday by celebrating the rich past of our service and evoking the airmen who bravely faced the challenges of their times.exist Veterans Chronicles: In Their Own Words, Brig. General Charles McGee looks back on his remarkable 30-year career as one of the last surviving Tuskegee pilots.Although General McGee died in January After age 102 “Have a good life,” His courage and embodiment of core values ​​continue to inspire us into the future.

In July this year, I was fortunate to see Colonel “Bud” Anderson, America’s last living triple fighter ace, at the annual Oshkosh Air Show in Wisconsin.Autobiography of Colonel Anderson warriors in their own words The podcast is another incarnation of fascinating and heroic pilots who rise to the challenge, take on seemingly impossible missions and defeat the enemies of their time.

Inspired by the rich legacy of pilots like Brig.General McKee and Colonel Anderson asked us Continue to build the soldier and officer corps This represents the very best the country has to offer. Managing Gen Z: How to recruit, onboard, develop and retain the latest generation in the workplace Authors Robin Paggi and Kat Clowes is a practical guide for leaders at all levels to understand, recruit, train and lead the next generation of professional pilots.

Tomorrow’s Air Force will face the new challenges of the 21st century, including managing deterrence, preparing for near-peer conflict, and innovating newer force designs. Nudge: Improve decision-making about health, wealth, and happiness Shows how to reframe these tough questions by using “nudges” to avoid bias and identify subtle cues to change the way we make decisions.

Pilots are our heritage. We will continue to be the greatest Air Force in the world Because pilots are always up to the challenge. pilot, not technology, Established and refined a professional culture that never ceased to improve the use of air power.We carry forward this spirit by developing the next generation of American pilots “Accelerate, Innovate and Develop” for the next 75 years.

Fly, fight and win… Airpower anytime, anywhere!

Charles Q. Brown, Jr.
US Air Force general
chief of staff

Editor’s Note: The CSAF Leadership Library A group of streaming media chosen by General Brown to evolve as new ideas are published, recorded and debated. New entries will be added regularly throughout the year.


warriors in their own words Managing Gen Z: How to recruit, onboard, develop and retain the latest generation in the workplace Nudge: Improve Decisions About Health, Wealth, and Well-Being

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