Kindle’s 15th anniversary reminds us that simplicity is king

CNN — Len Edgerly, a 72-year-old podcaster from Cambridge, Massachusetts, has spent the past 14 and a half years talking about his favorite tech gadget: the Kindle. Edgerly records a weekly podcast called “Kindle Chronicles,” where he talks to authors, readers, publishing experts, and Amazon execs — even founders Jeff Bezos, Twice – About his … Read more

Derek Chauvin trial witness writes book to help children cope with trauma

CNN — If she refuses her cousin’s request to walk to the store, Danela Fraser will never make a video of George Floyd’s death, which could help convict Derek Chauvin. Her 9-year-old cousin Judeah Reynolds wanted to buy candy but was too young to walk alone. Reynolds persevered, and Frazier eventually agreed to walk. Reynolds … Read more

The kids are back in the classroom, and this teacher’s mission: Distribute thousands of free books

Cherry Hill, NJ CNN — High school English teacher Larry Abrams has always considered himself a nerd. Growing up, he enjoyed visiting used bookstores and reading books that others loved before him. “I certainly enjoy the transformative experience of reading, going into other worlds, and experiencing other cultures,” Abrams said. Abrams began his teaching career … Read more