New report finds coordinated rise in banned book attempts

More than 1,600 titles have been banned throughout the 2021-22 school year, according to a new report from PEN America, an organization that advocates for free speech. According to the report, the surge in book bans is the result of a network of local political and advocacy groups targeting books with LGBTQ+ characters and storylines, … Read more

Books: Five new books to read this week

novel Ian McEwan’s lessons are published in hardcover by Jonathan Cape for £20 (£9.99 ebook) In the spring of 1986, Roland Baines’s wife disappeared, and suspicion fell on the husband she left behind. Going back nearly 30 years, 11-year-old Roland was sent from Libya to a boarding school in the UK, where he started learning … Read more

A must-read for the new generation

Employees at Shundaland Books challenge us to think, reflect and dare to dream. In this month’s Shondaland series, The power of bookswe’re digging into the story behind the story. from pride and Prejudice to the great gatsby to Beluga, classics are classics for a reason: These works of fiction have stood the test of time, … Read more

Why we love cute but cluttered hotel libraries and small free libraries

Destinations that encourage “take the book and leave the book” create a community that knows no borders. This summer, as my family headed to the shores of Lake Geneva, Ohio for their annual trip, I headed straight to the shared bookshelf at the Abigail Lakeside Lodge, where we’ve lived every summer since my kids were … Read more

Maria Parent, Copyright Crusaders

Maria Pallante took over as President and CEO of the American Publishers Association in January 2017. In selecting Pallante, a former US copyright registry, AAP noted her strong background in intellectual property law and policy. Copyright protection has long been one of the AAP’s main priorities, and it’s a job for the organization at a … Read more

Six book introductions worth pausing

In his wonderful introduction to Edith Wharton fiction writing, author and critic Brandon Taylor offers an observation worth repeating: The literature of the past may contain outdated worlds and ideas, but we can and should participate in them. For example, Wharton’s work still presents “some amazing revelations about the way we live and write today,” … Read more

We asked Berkshire Eagle employees what the best books they’ve read this summer – here are 14 book recommendations | Books

We recently asked the Berkshire Eagles staff to share what is the best book they’ve read this summer — with no prerequisites, except that it’s been read over the summer and is their favorite. The book doesn’t have to be new, on the bestseller list or belong to a specific genre. The following list is … Read more

Racine native publishes first book centering on black characters in the Old West | Books

Dee Holzer Racine – William Greer’s first book was given to his son as a gift on his 40th birthday. The Racine native, who now lives in Madison, said it was difficult to come up with a gift that showed a father’s love for his son, not just a card, but one he could put … Read more

Christmas Gift Ideas: The 13 Best Tech Books of 2020

go through new scientist Getty Images/Westend61 The End of Everything (Astrophysics) by Katie Mack (Buy the book from Amazon*) For some seasonal donations, why not look at the end of the universe? Thankfully, Katie Mack’s “The End of Everything” (Scribner) isn’t an apocalyptic vision, but a riveting and often entertaining journey through all the possible … Read more