Movie Review: New Releases September 23

Click to enlarge Amazon Prime Video Joe Alwyn and Bella Ramsay Katherine calls the bird Katherine called Bird*** Whatever your take on Lena Dunham’s oeuvre, you probably wouldn’t expect her to be at the helm of this racy period romp like a Karen Cushman novel. In 13th-century England, 14-year-old Catherine (Bella Ramsay)—daughter of feudal lord … Read more

Christmas Gift Ideas: The 13 Best Tech Books of 2020

go through new scientist Getty Images/Westend61 The End of Everything (Astrophysics) by Katie Mack (Buy the book from Amazon*) For some seasonal donations, why not look at the end of the universe? Thankfully, Katie Mack’s “The End of Everything” (Scribner) isn’t an apocalyptic vision, but a riveting and often entertaining journey through all the possible … Read more