Gwendoline Riley’s Haunted Heroine – The Atlantic

In Gwendoline Riley’s fictional world, parental love cannot be trusted. What is supposed to be here by nature seems biased and conditional. The reader will clearly feel that nothing – not even this so-called pure emotion – comes without a price. This tension is at the heart of her novel, as her narrator’s current difficulties … Read more

Joan Silber on the mysteries of the body

In your story of the week, “Evolution,” in 1980, a teen named Carla hitchhiked from New York to Arizona with her older boyfriend Brody, experiencing liberation and disappointment from her newfound sexual freedom . Looking back at the events of the story, the older Carla said “people believe in sex in a way they don’t … Read more

Queer youth fiction isn’t all pessimistic realism. here is…

(MENAFN – Conversation) The early adventures of queer youth (YA) fiction followed certain conventions: They were often set in the contemporary world, and their narratives focused on coming out, bullying, heartbreak, or the fight for acceptance. Most unfortunately, these stories also have a long history of ending in tragedy. There are definitely stories that address … Read more