Breaking up is hard in Monica Hesse’s bittersweet debut

There’s nothing funny about divorce unless you’re reading the debut novel by Canadian comedian and author Monica Hesse, really good, actually (Tomorrow, January 2023). Haysey captures all the trauma and humor of the situation through the story of her 29-year-old protagonist Maggie, whose marriage, the culmination of a 10-year relationship, ends after 608 days (yes, … Read more

Remaining (un)shown in El Salvador | Human Rights

During the bloody El Salvador civil war of 1979-92, Joan Didion reflects on the Spanish word “Salvador” in her short book “Salvador”Splitter,” means “to disappear.” She noted that its “flexibility” in Spanish as a transitive and intransitive verb has been “adopted by English speakers in El Salvador, as in John Sullivan disappears from Sheraton; government … Read more