Tom Hanks on Pinocchio live-action reboot: ‘It’s important for Walt to understand the dark side of fairy tales’

Classic cartoon Pinocchio is one of Walt Disney’s most beloved works—and Hollywood royalty Tom Hanks thinks it’s ready for a 21st-century remake. This time, however, it combines reality TV with state-of-the-art 3D computer modeling software, with two-time Academy Award winner Hanks playing the poor woodcarver Geppetto. The 66-year-old star was quick to note that his … Read more

The Politics of Pinocchio – Atlantic

When asked about the two most important things about Pinocchio, most Americans would answer: first, that his nose gets bigger when he lies, and second, that he is a puppet who dreams of being a real boy. Speaking of which, Carlo Collodi is likely to shake his head. The 19th-century Italian author wrote the book, … Read more