Queen Mook Author Two Books a Year

Writer Isaac Thackray with daughter Lila (10).photo/supplied ask. What do you do when you just won the Gold Award for Best First Book at the 2022 Independent Publishing Awards in New York? One. If you’re (self-proclaimed) “kind of crazy,” like ex-Pirongia man Isaac Thackray, you’ll be releasing your second book. Just around this time last … Read more

Nostradamus book sales surge after French prophet ‘predicts Her Majesty’s death in 2022 at 96’

global warming Nostradamus predicted in 1555 that climate change would become so severe that soaring temperatures would “cook half” the fish in the sea. He also suggested that humanity will eventually see no rain for 40 years, and when it does, there will be a “great flood” that will destroy the nation. Nostradamus wrote: “Due … Read more

LIVE UPDATE: Will and Kate’s eldest child attends funeral

LONDON – Prince William and his wife Catherine’s son Prince George, 9, and daughter Princess Charlotte, 7, will attend the state funeral of Queen Elizabeth II. George, who is now second in line to the throne, and his sister will join the royal family through Westminster Abbey, in a procession behind the Queen’s coffin as … Read more