Open access is a case study for promoting research

Rajesh Day On August 25, the United States announced an open access policy to ensure free, immediate and equitable access to federally funded research. Americans now have free access to scholarly work, and by 2025, all federal agencies must implement open access policies to ensure free access to taxpayer-funded research for all citizens. India can … Read more

Seasoned Auckland librarian shares love notes, photos and personal items left in library books

article A postcard left in the Oakland Public Library book. It’s part of a collection called “Found in Library Books”. Oakland, California – For many readers, turning the page takes them on an imaginative journey. For one librarian in Oakland, she took the gift between pages to a completely different plane. For nearly a decade, … Read more

North Texas school district says book chapter with lynching name isn’t appropriate for some students

The Carroll Independent School District of Southlake, Texas, began evaluating the content of George Dawson and Richard Graubman’s book “Life Is So Beautiful” this summer after a 7th-grade teacher planned to name the book. Added as a must-read in journalism class, according to Lane Ledbetter, the district chief and a district document obtained by CNN. … Read more