The Beast sets streaming release date on Peacock

Sometimes the rustling in the bushes is actually a monster. For those who love biometric thrillers, beast Found its streaming home just in time for Halloween.

beast Join the Pride of Lions with an exclusive live broadcast on Peacock Jurassic world domination, Minions: Rise of Gru, revenge, Brian and Charles, black phone, bad guys, Downton Abbey: A New Eraand northerner is unique to the streaming platform. Idris ElbaIn an interview with Syfy, one of the stars of the film said that the title, and calling the lion “the beast,” was meant to “evoke some emotions in the audience. But watching the film, it’s a bit more than that.” Elba Explaining further, the symbolism of the film’s title, literally, is the nature of the beast: is it the beast itself, or is it human?

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director, Balthasar Colmacour (Mount Everest, 2 gunsand Contraband), in the same interview, wanted to show nature for what it really was, and removed some people’s rose-colored glasses on nature, and “trying to make it [the movie] A more immersive and intense experience. “

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beast, According to the story written by the author Jaime Primark SullivanStar Elba (Suicide Squad), playing widower Dr. Nate Daniels. He traveled to South Africa, where he met his wife for the first time, and his two teenage daughters Meredith (Iana Harley, the hatred you give) and Nora (Leah Sava Jeffries, empire). The family travels to a wildlife sanctuary managed by longtime family friend and wildlife biologist Martin Bartels (Sharlto Copley, russian doll). The trip was designed to grieve and heal the family after the loss, but when a lion, once chased by poachers and seen as prey, turned into an apex predator again as he stalked and hunted his family, it became a nightmare.

The film received a middling review upon its release, with Collider’s own Ross Bonneme writing: “Kolmacour’s play in silent, quiet moments mixed with frenzy and hurried attack is an exhilarating Shock, works most of the time.” The film is produced by Ryan Engel Produced by Kormákur, Will Parker and James Lopez with Sullivan and Bernard Bellow as executive producer.

beast It will air on Peacock on October 7th. It will also be available digitally on the same day, and on Blu-ray and DVD on October 11. Check out the trailer below:

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