‘The Hate You Give’ Creates a Hot Crowd Pleaser

That’s worth saying for a film that takes complex ideas like systemic racism and white privilege and presents it with clarity, bluntness, and emotional honesty. George Tillman Jr.’s “The Hate You Give” is one such film that tackles big ideas in an accessible way, resulting in an exciting, delightful take on what it’s like to be black in America in 2018 drama.

Amandla Steinberg (“The Hunger Games”) plays Starr Carter, a black teenager caught between two worlds—the world of her predominantly white suburban private school, and the world of her hometown, The predominantly black towns suffer from high crime rates and drug abuse. Her parents sent her to private school to free her from the influence of a high local drug dealer, but she found herself denying her identity and pretending to be more “white” to fit in.

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