The Legendary Life of AJ Fikry

The Legendary Life of AJ Fickrey Officer Lambias, played by David Arquette, and Ismay, played by Christina Hendricks, are an unlikely pair who are drawn to each other because of their love for books. love and come together. Lambias’ identity as Alice Isle police chief and Ismay’s tragic past form their unique personal stories, which feed into the film’s larger narrative of AJ Fikry’s (Kunal Nayyar) life and the bookstore he owns.

The Legendary Life of AJ Fickrey Directed by Hans Canossa, based on the best-selling novel of the same name by Gabriel Zeven, The New York Times. The film also stars Lucy Hale, Scott Foley and Blair Brown. Arquette is known for playing Dewey Riley in the film scream Movie franchises.Hendricks has previously starred in TV series mad Men and good girl.

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screen rant Interview with Arquette and Hendricks to find out how they The Legendary Life of AJ Fickrey And how they build on-screen relationships.

Celebrities Dissect the Legendary Life of AJ Fikry

Screen Rant: Did you all read the novel before getting involved in the movie? How much inspiration did you get from playing the characters?

David Arquette: I don’t. I just got the script. This is a very quick turnaround. When I got to the set, I was just working on my stuff. Then, I started reading some of the books mentioned in the story.

Christina Hendricks: If I’m writing something inspired by or from a novel, I usually don’t read them at the same time, because if something isn’t in the script in the book, sometimes you forget us Narrowing down the storytelling in the script, I don’t want to confuse the two. I usually wait until later to read.

One might not expect the police to play much of a role in a story about a book. David, how do you explain the importance of his profession to his character?

David Arquette: He was really inspired when he met AJ and learned about this book world. Before he met AJ, he just liked crime fiction and typical stuff you think a cop would like. AJ opened up to the entire world of books—so much so that he started the Chiefs’ Choice Book Club.

We see Ismay’s loneliness strongly influences her behavior in the film. Christina, what do you think of her journey?

Christina Hendricks: My character has been through a tough journey. There has been a lot of sadness in her life so far. She lost her sister, she lost a child halfway through the movie, and she didn’t feel her husband’s support and love. She’s in the throes of trying to figure out what she wants in life and what’s coming next. She felt that many things were beyond her control. I think you are right. She has a kind of heaviness and sadness, but I think we’ll see her beautiful journey to find the love she needs at the end.

How do you both see the importance of bookstores, not only to AJ, Amelia and Maya, but also to Lambiase and Ismay?

David Arquette: I think bookstores are very important to the whole community and the whole family. Lambias has a line, “A town isn’t a town without books”, and that sums it up.

Christina Hendricks: You see in the movie, it becomes a place that brings people together. Chief’s Choice Book Club All of a sudden, you’re seeing people who weren’t necessarily welcome there before now embrace it. You see people who grew up together in this small town, but maybe always brush past each other, and it’s the bookstore that brings them together, mixes them up, and makes them all agree.

What was it like to work together and build chemistry between the characters?

Christina Hendricks: I love working with David. He’s such a great actor who brings so many different layers and flavors to his characters. “Do it again and react to it.

David Arquette: I love working with you. awesome. In general, I’m a fan of hers and then it’s fun to be able to work with her because I draw inspiration from my life and my feelings. We didn’t go to school together, but I know her work and she’s such an amazing actress that I had to work with her. Overall, there was that excitement and love.

The Legendary Life of AJ Fikry

Based on the New York Times bestselling novel, bookstore owner AJ Fikry (Kunal Nayyar)’s life doesn’t go the way he expected as he struggles emotionally and financially. After the tragic death of his wife, he feels lost and left behind in today’s fast-moving world. As he tries to keep his shop afloat, he begins to drink his grief when his most prized possession, a series of Edgar Allen Poe’s poems, is stolen, eventually hitting rock bottom. But when a mysterious package shows up at the bookstore, the unexpected arrival gives Fikry a new lease of life and love that’s greater than he ever imagined. The film also stars Lucy Hale, Christina Hendricks, Scott Foley and David Arquette.

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The Legendary Life of AJ Fickrey It opens in theaters on October 7.

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