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Carjackings are surging in nearly every major city. In New Orleans, a 13-year-old armed carjacker was caught terrorizing five female carjacking victims over two days. The Democratic mayor of New Orleans attended his sentencing. The mayor, speaking on behalf of the carjacker, sat next to his mother in court. He threw the book at him – 3 years probation. No wonder carjackings are on the rise?

Ruth Mutter

Democrats and Joe Biden just passed a misnomer called the Lower Inflation Act. What’s really needed is Joe Biden’s Holiday Reduction Act.

Billy G.

The Residential Residential Factory, aka Joe Biden, who has gotten nothing in his nearly 50 years in office, can’t spell complete sentences or read a teleprompter, can now predict a second “epidemic” and the government needs more money. When will the people of this country wake up?

J dog

The Democratic Party’s main policy is “follow Trump” and “always be Trump.” This is their mantra. Just imagine if all the time, energy and money Democrats spent going after Trump would have been spent trying to create productive policies for American citizens. They don’t seem to have any positive policies towards US citizens. They have been doing this for 6 years.


Clearly, many reviewers “know” what to look for and what not to look for at Mar-A-Lago. They “know” what was searched and what wasn’t. They “know” what they found and what they didn’t find. They “know” why they are searching. Sorry, you only know what is reliably reported (even FOX news). The rest (including “anonymous” sources) are speculation. Try to refrain from your political rants until you have the real facts.

Can someone tell me why we continue to donate billions of dollars to Ukraine without taking any responsibility while our vets are homeless? Or why are we allowing our borders to remain open and fentanyl keep coming into our country? Or why do we put illegal immigrants in $400-a-night hotels? Our federal government still says borders are closed! What a joke – vote Republican!


Remember the old adage “Florida is God’s waiting room”? Well, it’s “Florida, where stupid old people go to live”. My goodness! DeSantis is probably worse than Trump, and possibly more evil. Ban books, ban abortion, hate teachers, just be conservative. Keep abortion legal!

left handed

For those who mentioned the fact that more voice submissions are from the right, that’s because Republicans are outraged at our idiots as presidents! All but a few committers are ashamed of their choices in stupid Joe Biden!

Many said the FBI’s unprecedented raid on President Trump’s home was a political attack on Trump and the Republican Party, but it wasn’t. This is an attack on our Democratic Republic, Trump supporters and all Americans. The Democrats destroyed our republic. That made the Jan. 6 attack on the Capitol look like a campus battle.The only answer is the Democrats’ landslide defeat in November — if Democrats even allow elections

Michael Stern

I have a question for Feltman. He claimed he chased down a black man with a shotgun he allegedly defended. Why didn’t he call the police, what was he doing with the gun? He is a Democrat running for office and pro-gun control who, according to him and the Democrats, are not allowed to own guns for self-defense. If elected, he’ll be just another puppet for open borders.

It appears the FBI seized mattress labels and KFC wrappers from Trump after all. DonnyCon mixes all his papers, including blanks with TS and SAP (Special Access Program) documents! (wondering what he was doing). Maybe we should ask the Saudis because they went to Jared with 2 billion! Plus those nuclear golf tournament deals. Of course, this is just an honest confusion, wink, wink. Keep blind faith sheep?


Should the law dictate a number of political debates? The Feltman Movement announced that its candidates would drop them. How does this serve the public interest? This issue should not be the subject of negotiations. Furthermore, objective and moderate excuses should be acknowledged and addressed. A format featuring left- and right-party moderators would be instructive and could benefit underfunded third-party candidates.

M. Furlong

Donald broke the law, or should I say a lot of laws, why didn’t he go to jail or house arrest? Are Republicans worried he will talk about what he knows?


Hey libertarians! I saw Washington Mayor Muriel Bowser rejected by the Pentagon for her request to send the National Guard to Washington to help deal with the onslaught of illegal immigration from southern states. Talk about karma! Kind of like where to put a landfill, as long as it’s “out of my backyard.” Thank you Southern governors for having the courage to fight back. God bless you.


This week, Trump chaebol Alan Weiselburg pleaded guilty in court to 15 counts of money laundering and other felonies. I’ve lost count of how many Trump loyalists are in jail or on their way to jail. Remember that phrase (draining the swamp)? Trump turned it into an ocean.

Mrs Crabtree: “…God is definitely on…MAGA’s side…Christian Democrats are contradictory.” Evidence? Do you know the absolute truth that no Democrats are true Christians? I’m guessing all those God-fearing Republicans who voted against healthcare for veterans working on toxic burn pits because it’s too expensive are just doing God’s work, right? I doubt God would love to be dragged into your political arguments.

The inflation-reducing bill has done the exact opposite of what it was supposed to do. New solar tax credits are starting to increase the cost of solar by pushing up the price of tellurium. Imagine what will happen when tellurium becomes more well-known across the country, as it has risen at an unprecedented rate. All thanks to this new ridiculous Democratic spending bill that just passed.

to be frank

I’ve seen memes on the internet claiming that John Feltman never “worked” a day in his life. They were posted by Trump supporters. That’s real TDS! Kind of related, can’t Ozzy see the Redner logo on top of his head? You can read it clearly in the ad. Wegner’s must be the new name for carpet bags.


Seems to be the same stupid politicians and Democratic voters who are now screaming “Jan. 6!” for four years as those screaming “Russia! Russia! Russia!” At least it makes for a great TV comedy.


The cartoonist’s point of view is interesting. Always have a good laugh. Of course, this will irritate some sensitive people. Take it easy and smile.

Fox Kooks, Christine Todd Whitman says Republicans are a cult. How many times have I told you?

Jay Miller

Ultra-liberal Democrat John Fettman said his job as chairman of the Pennsylvania Pardon Commission is to “get as many people out as possible.” This quote shows Feltman’s twisted sense of justice. These “people” were convicted criminals, including murderers who had been sentenced to life sentences, and Feltman wanted to free them. Where is the justice for the victims of these criminals?

Robert Minninger

I know my take on Sound Off’s “it’s entertainment” seems superficial. Our country is in deep trouble, and I’ve spent a lot of time trying to understand it – just not here. This is not a forum for constructive exchange of ideas. It’s a place of resentment, contempt, insults and aggressive ignorance, but it’s a train wreck that I can’t stop watching.

fake D.

Democratic podcaster and philosopher Sam Harris released the following statement: “Hunter Biden, when Hunter Biden could have had the bodies of his kids in his basement, I wouldn’t care…” He It added: “Cancel the New York Post’s [laptop article]? This is a left-wing conspiracy to deny Donald Trump the presidency. Absolutely. But I think it’s justified. “This sums up the integrity of the Democratic Party.

Richard Palladino

The government is here to ensure your freedom not control your life

Tom J.

Not bragging, but I’m finally getting to the point where I can forget what I’m doing and I’m actually doing it!

Jim Fitch

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