Top 10 Ways You Know You’re Going to UNF in Jacksonville

The University of North Florida will officially celebrate its 50th anniversary this October.

Over time, schools have changed dramatically compared to what they are now. There’s been a ton of growth — enrollment, construction, overall presence.

University of North Florida: 50 years of learning and growth, looking to the future

United Nations Foundation: Admissions and major events for the first 50 years

Still, to today’s students and alumni, some elements of the school are specifically known to those who share the experience of being an Osprey. This is our IYKYK (if you know you know) A summary of all things UNF. We compiled this list based on reader feedback. Let us know if we missed something!

You know you went to UNF if…

1. You have a drink before the houseboat (any location) closes

Rendering of the University of North Florida

RIP legend.

2. You tell people your school football team is undefeated

At one point the school even sold UNF Football jerseys with “Still Undefeated” written on the back in the bookstore.

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