TV series The Incredible Story of Baskerville House Books – Deadline

exclusive: Imagine Kids+Family picks up content rights for Ali Standish’s upcoming multi-book series amid fierce competition The incredible story of Baskerville Hall, It traces the imaginary origin story of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s fictional character to develop into a TV series, constructing a comprehensive Arthur Conan Doyle universe covering all of his work.

The series follows a young Arthur Conan Doyle leaving his family for Baskerville Academy, a school for the gifted, where he will seek to solve many mysteries with the help of new classmates and teachers . Here he would meet the characters who would be the inspiration for many of his famous novels – including friends like Professor Sherlock Holmes, Dr Watson and James Moriarty. In Baskerville Hall, Arthur unravels a mystery that will lead to an epic adventure and will serve as a springboard for the creation of an interconnected and far-reaching Conan Doyle universe.

“The characters created by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle are some of the most compelling and enduring characters of all time. What draws us to this book series is that he incorporates the young Conan Doyle himself into the story, showing how How his professors and friends laid the foundation for his life’s work,” said Stephanie Sperber, president of Imagine Kids+Family. “We see this as an opportunity to build a world that connects Sherlock and all the other ACD novels into a unique interconnected world for children and adults around the world.”

The Incredible Story of Baskerville Hall It is a collaboration between the working partners of the Kurabi Company and Conan Doyle Manor, the official guardian of the Arthur Conan Doyle series.

London-based Coolabi Productions, the sister production company of Working Partners, will develop and co-produce the series adaptation with Imagine Kids+Family.

“Working Partners is delighted to have been commissioned to work with Conan Doyle Estate to develop a world where audiences can learn about the origins of existing characters, as well as new and diverse characters; making Sir Arthur Conan Doyle fit better than ever twenty onestone Century audiences,” said Chris Snowdon, Managing Director of Working Partners. “Imagine Kids+Family has such a rich storytelling history and is the perfect partner to bring this new Conan Doyle masterpiece to life. ”

Chelsea Eberly of Greenhouse Literary Agency Licenses Three Books The Incredible Story of Baskerville Hall Standish strikes a pre-emptive deal with HarperCollins. The first book is slated for fall 2023, the second book in the series is slated for fall 2024, and the third book is slated for fall 2025.

“Full of rich mysteries, puzzle-laden plots, and classic and beloved characters reimagined for contemporary readers, this captivating world has been crafted for intermediate audiences, and we’re delighted to be launching this captivating publishing franchise A new generation of detectives and adventurers,” said Alyson Day, executive editor of HarperCollins Children’s Books.

One of the most famous fictional characters in the world, Sherlock Holmes has appeared in some 250 movies or TV shows to date. first, Baskerville Hall A collection of characters from all of Conan Doyle’s novels – from Sherlock Holmes to lost worldand many of his other adventures – creating an interconnected “ACD universe”.

“We’ve long been discussing bringing all of our great ancestors, the luminaries of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, not just Sherlock Holmes, into the limelight – effectively creating a new fictional universe,” Sir Arthur’s Stepson Richard Poole said Conan Doyle. “The dream came true when working partners proposed Conan Doyle Estate to collaborate with them on the Impossible Story of Baskerville Hall.”

CBS is currently developing a series based on Conan Doyle’s Sherlock Holmes character universe. WatsonProduced by Aaron Kaplan’s Capital Entertainment and CBS Studios, it’s a medical drama with detective elements, written by Craig Sweeny.

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