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Schools need librarians

EDIT: I read Thursday’s guest editorial on teaching students to distinguish online fact from fiction with great interest. I am a retired high school librarian with a master’s degree in library and information science. A key part of my job is using Bloom’s taxonomy to teach information literacy and critical thinking skills or higher order thinking (check it out – it’s interesting).

Who created the website? What is their background, credibility and professionalism? What biases exist? What do domain names—dot-org, dot-gov, dot-com—represent? As we have seen, both children and adults tend to believe everything they read on the internet. They desperately need guidance on identifying misinformation.

Unfortunately, California students are unlikely to be taught by a qualified librarian. In the state, there is one certified full-time teacher librarian for every 9,667 students. This makes us and Washington, D.C. the worst country in the nation. If their school has a library, California students are likely to be helped by someone who doesn’t have a bachelor’s degree, a teaching certificate, or the training to teach these critical skills.

Of course, we can do better.



old-fashioned governance

EDIT: The purpose of the government is to take care of the needs of the country. Why are Republicans in Congress supporting Donald Trump after he encouraged the mob to overthrow the government? Like the insurgents, Republicans in Congress prevent the government from running.

Whether fixing old bridges or making health care affordable, Republicans voted against efforts to improve the status quo. Instead, they line up in the pockets of the super-rich. Trump’s first contribution was to help those with deep pockets through a massive tax break. Trump is now a symbol of high-level lies, boasting, racism and theft – the government at its worst. Yet Republicans supported him.

Meanwhile, Joe Biden serves the needs of the people in his quiet, reserved way. Biden helps Puerto Rico after Hurricane Fiona; get people water, food and services ASAP. Trump ignores Puerto Rico after Maria disaster.

Helping the people is not socialism, as Republicans would have us believe. This is simply good, old-fashioned governance. Vote Democrat and let the government do its job.

Susan Joyce


Bike lanes are blocked

Edit: I’m a recently retired senior. I live in a nice neighborhood off West College Avenue in Santa Rosa. I’ve been riding my bike instead of driving around. Great, right? My problem: On busy streets like Stony Point Road and West College, cars and construction cones block bike lanes. I want to hear why this happens again and again.

Mary Wolf

Santa Rosa

impose religious beliefs

EDIT: The constitution is silent on the unborn, it just doesn’t grant citizenship until birth. The specious argument about abortion “until the moment of birth, possibly even after that moment” (how is that possible after birth?) is untenable (“No on Prop. 1,” Letters, Thursday). You are unlikely to find a woman who changes her mind in the third trimester and decides that she no longer wishes to become pregnant, let alone in her ninth month. For non-medical reasons, she is unlikely to find a doctor willing to terminate the pregnancy at such a late date. Dean Davis’ letter hides personal religious beliefs that he hopes will apply to others. That doesn’t work.

Donald Lowell

Santa Rosa

terror in ukraine

EDIT: When Vladimir Putin threatened to use nuclear weapons, he correctly pointed out that there were terrorists in Ukraine, but didn’t realize how easily recognizable the white “Z” on their green tanks was.

Michael Schwabenberg


Nuclear Waste Solutions

Edit: Ed Oberweiser writes, “There has never been a solution to how to safely store nuclear waste from the nuclear weapons industry or nuclear power plants” (“Unsafe Nuclear Waste”, Letters, Sept. 30) He meant 100% solution? • Acceptable risk solutions? Still no solution? Here are two possible solutions:

The Onkalo storage facility under construction in Finland is described as “the first permanent disposal site for high-level nuclear waste”. It will place thousands of sealed, corroded-

Corrosion-resistant copper tanks, each surrounded by bentonite, in stable bedrock. The warehouse is located 430 meters below ground level – a remarkable feat of engineering.

Deep Isolation at Berkeley has demonstrated the use of directional drilling to isolate high-level nuclear waste canisters deep within suitable rock formations. In January 2019, Deep Isolation showcased container placement. The U.S. Department of Energy is currently evaluating it.

Donald Estrich


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